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Tired of hearing scientific haircare jargon, and not really understanding what it means? Your not the only one! Here you will find a breakdown, for the lay person, of everything you need to know about hair dryers

Positive and negative ions exist in everything. It is the belief that when hair is wet, it is positively charged. Ionic hair dryers restructure and break up the water’s structure, so by bathing the hair with negative ions, allowing the water molecules to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft. As a result of this process hair is rehydrated, and reconditioned. Further to these claims, Ionic hair dryers cut hair-drying time in half, which makes sense when you consider that the water is being absorbed much quicker.
Ceramic refers to hairdryers that contain a ceramic coil, which is supposed to heat more evenly and effectively than the traditional heating element in hair dryers.

It is the combined effort of both Ceramic heating elements and omitting Negative Ions that radiate head inside the hair, whilst causing as less damage as possible. The mico-molecules of water are absorbed much easilier by the hair and this leaves it soft, shiny and healthy.

Both the Parlux Ceramic and Ionic 3500 and earlier model Parlux Ceramic and Ionic 3200 as their names would suggest, offer these features. They are top of the line professional hair dryer, that many stylists will use in salon themselves. Parlux are award winning hairdryers with an extremely powerful motor, they are the fasted most powerful professional hair dryer on the market!

Parlux award winning hair dryers, the 3200 and 3500 incorporates both ceramic & ionic technology. The dryers have a very powerful motor. It is the fastest most compact professional dryer on the market today.

Parlux 3200 hair dryer - inside
The charge of negative ions attacks drops of water and transforms them into micro-molecules.
Parlux 3200 hair dryer - working
The hair easily absorbs this moisture, which makes it soft and shiny.



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