Revolutionary Brand Institut Esthederm is Pioneering Skin Safe Tanning

Ever wanted to laze about in the sun without the fear of getting burned, whilst still building up that gorgeous, bronze tan? The best of both worlds has been notoriously hard to come by (especially for those who burn like a lobster, AKA me), but now, sun care brand Institut Esthederm are here to change the game.

Revolutionary Brand Institut Esthederm is Pioneering Skin Safe Tanning

Institut Esthederm are a French-based brand that are utilising revolutionary technologies to create products that filter out damaging UVA and UVB rays without completely closing off tanning potential. Their range is filled with formulas suited to different skin types and needs, making them a perfect summer skin investment.

Their formulas work by combining three key complexes — Adaptasun, cellular water and traditional SPF. Adaptasun is responsible for letting the sun’s rays filter in, where SPF helps shut out anything that can cause damage to skin cells. Finally, synthetically-produced ‘cellular water’, which replicates water found within the body, helps with skin regeneration, hydration and building skin health.

Now that you’re sun care savvy, keep on reading to find out about some of the favourites within the Institut Esthederm range, all of which can be found in the new RY Summer Edit!

For the Body

Institut Esthederm Body Care SPF Sunscreen Tan Optimisers

Are you a beach babe who can’t give up your stunning, golden tan? Well, you don’t have to — the Institut Esthederm range is the answer to healthy skin without damage, even when soaking up the most intense of rays. Pick up the Institut Esthederm Adaptasun Body Lotion Strong Sun to protect legs, arms, back and shoulders against UVA and UVB rays, without limiting your tanning potential.

The cream formula smoothes on easily without feeling oily or greasy, and ensures that the skin’s natural melanin production occurs effectively, leaving you with a glowing tan. It also works to prevent against physical ageing signs, optimising sun delivery and guaranteeing wrinkles and fine lines don’t develop. If you’re not sitting out in the sun for hours, grab the same formula in a Moderate Sun version.

If you prefer a spray formula, Institut Esthederm have made things simple for you with their Adaptasun Body Spray Strong Sun. It features all of the same benefits as the Adaptasun lotion, and is also available in Moderate Sun protection.

Although it’s not an SPF, the Institut Esthederm Bronz Impulse Face and Body Spray is also a key product to integrate into your sun care routine. Instead of heading out into the blinding sun with this product on, use it daily, pre-SPF, to strengthen the skin’s defence against the sun. It’s the perfect sun preparation, as it helps build up your ‘tolerance’ to UVA and UVB rays, in addition to helping optimise your tan when you are exposed to the sun, helping you to get bronzed quicker and on a deeper level. Make sure to apply SPF liberally before you’re exposed to the sun!

For the Face

Institut Esthederm Facial Sunscreen SPF tan optimiser

Protect the face and décolletage using the Institut Esthederm Bronz Repair Strong Sun. Formulated especially for these delicate areas, this sun cream-turned-tan optimiser focuses on preventing against wrinkles and fine lines, in addition to stopping UVA and UVB rays from penetrating the skin and causing damage. The brand’s unique Adaptasun complex is what helps filter sunlight in, allowing it to give your skin a gorgeous bronze on the surface with zero skin cell damage underneath. This product also comes in a Moderate Sun version, so pick and choose based on your needs.

If your skin is typically sensitive, sunscreens can be a frustrating irritant. Whether they cause redness or create flare-ups, this is a common problem. Thankfully, the Institut Esthederm Adaptasun Sensitive Skin Face Cream Strong Sun makes applying SPF to the face less complicated than ever. With all of the same benefits as your regular facial sunscreen, with tanning capabilities thrown in, this is a sensitive sun lover’s dream. Fair, freckly and burn-prone skins will also love this product. Once again, you can pick this product up in a Moderate Sun variation if that’s more your style.

For the Hair

Institut Esthederm Sun Care Oil for Hair and Face tan optimiser SPF

One area we often forget to protect from the sun is our hair, but it actually needs just as much sun care as our skin! Intense exposure to UV rays has the same effect as overdoing it with the heated tools, causing the hair to ‘fry’ and break unnecessarily. Prevent against this damage with the Institut Esthederm Sun Care Oil Strong Sun, which filters out strong sun whilst still letting in harmless rays, giving the hair that beachy blonde look we all covet. This product can also be used on the face with similar effects to Bronz Repair.

This product also comes in a variation optimised for moderate sun, the Institut Esthederm Sun Care Oil Moderate Sun. If you’re not planning on baking out in the sun for too long, or simply want a little day-to-day protection to prevent against damaging your locks, this is a great option. The nourishing plant extracts in both of these formulas also ensure your hair feels soft and looks shiny — bonus!

After Sun Care

Institut Esthederm After Sun Care Tan Enhancing Lotion SPF sunscreen

Have you accidentally gotten a tad burned from sitting out in the sun too long, without adequate skin protection? Or, perhaps you want to ensure your new golden glow stays in place as best it can? Institut Esthederm are also all over after sun care, making them a go-to brand for all aspects of your summer skin survival routine.

Soothe sore, burned skin with the Institut Esthederm After Sun Repair. Key ingredients, including botanical extracts, work together to calm irritated areas in addition to providing an anti-ageing effect. It also locks in lost hydration, ensuring your sunburn doesn’t dry out and cause you even more discomfort. Finally, this unique formula encourages skin cell regeneration, ensuring these areas turn over quickly for prompt healing.

If you’ve managed to achieve that gorgeous, golden tan from an hour or two out in the sun, (totally protected, of course!) the work isn’t over just yet! You want to make sure that your tan doesn’t fade quickly, as well as staying adequately hydrated, nourished and protected against damage. That’s where the Institut Esthederm Tan Enhancing Lotion comes in. Formulated with soothing ingredients that expertly instil moisture, this product is key to keeping your natural tan alive for longer.

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