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Dermalogica Review #3 – Beauty Editor, Kristina Ioannou from Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily

It’s a love affair. Yep, I’m in love with Dermalogica’s Active Moist, Microfoliant and Intensive Eye Repair.


I’ve been solidly using these three products for six weeks, and have nothing but blissful things to say about them.

The Active Moist has consistently left my skin feeling hydrated, dewy and soft, and dare I say prevented further breakouts from happening. No clogged pores or product qualms to report here!

I’ve cut down using the Microfoliant to three time per week once my breakouts started clearing up (around the four week mark) simply because I don’t want to overdo scrubbing my skin. I also discovered that I can mix the Microfoliant in with my cleanser and weekly face treatment mask for added exfoliating benefits without that hard abrasive feeling or without irritating my skin. Doing so has left my visage feeling silky-smooth, and looking brighter and fab.

The eye cream, while I initially said wasn’t really doing much, has most definitely improved my eye area. Being the type of person who doesn’t think a product is working without real results – and fast! – I’m going to bite my tongue and admit you really have to be patient with a product like this. Whilst it’s made no real improvement on fine lines and creases despite containing retinol (a powerful wrinkle fighter), it’s definitely slightly faded my dark circles and made my overall eye area appear more awake and extremely hydrated. I’ve tried a lot of eye creams, and I can tell you that this definitely takes the cake by far.

I was a little worried that perhaps I was jumping onto the eye cream anti-aging bandwagon far too soon, but a little Google search informed me that around my age group (mid 20s) this is fine as a preventative measure. Phew.

At the beginning of the trial my skin was pretty cranky with me. We’re talking breakouts galore (especially around my chin), dry patches that were turning my makeup into flake central, dark circles and dull skin tone as a result of late nights and careless eating habits. To say my complexion has seen better days would be an understatement.

But after six weeks of incorporating these three beauty hybrids into my skincare regime, which work in absolute synergy with one another, my complexion is looking clearer, more glowing, smooth, and supple — almost bouncy, if you will.

Rejoice! There is a skincare God, and it goes by the name of Dermalogica.

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