New at RY: Noughty Haircare

Good for our hair AND good for our planet? It’s a definite yes from us!


Meet Noughty, the hair care brand that promises never to take itself too seriously, even though they’ve created products that are SERIOUSLY good.

What the brand does take seriously, however, is the fact that their products are natural and luxurious but don’t cost the earth or our planet.


The lowdown on Noughty:

Noughty was co-founded by British besties in 2016 and over the past two years has formed quite the following of ‘Noughty’ guys and girls.

The range was created with the help of a plant expert and beauty botanist who ensured that even though they’re packed with 97% natural ingredients, the products are still highly effective.

Along with being cruelty free and vegan, Noughty products are affordably priced and free from nasties including, parabens, silicones, petrochemicals and sulphates. Each line in the range has also been designed to solve the specific concerns of different hair types, through their unique, personalised and benefit-led routines.

The best sellers: 



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