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This Purple Primer Has Caught Everyone’s Attention

It’s not often you see a purple product pop up out of the blue, and on the rare occasion that you do, it’s a new lipstick or a single colour in an eyeshadow palette that’s been brought out to fit an edgy yet fleeting runway trend. So, you can imagine my surprise (reflected by the beauty industry’s collective gasp) when cosmetics giant BECCA brought out a purple primer earlier this year, claiming it was the newest thing in hydration and subtle highlighting. Cue thousands of beauty bloggers clamouring to get their hands on this thing.

As a dedicated BECCA fan, I personally had a ton of questions following this release (beginning with “why purple?”). Social media told me I absolutely HAD to buy it, but there’s only so much a few stunning flat-lays and a quick Instagram tutorial can prove. So, I set out to discover what makes this BECCA newbie so hyped up, and whether it was actually worth it, or whether it was just that–hype. Keep reading for an answer to all your questions and to find out my take on the BECCA First Light Priming Filter.

This Purple Primer Has Caught Everyone’s Attention

1. Why is it purple?

This has to be the most frequently asked question about this super-unique product–seriously, why is it purple? Thinking back to the very primary school concept of the colour wheel, we know purple sits opposite yellow, so it’s a great neutraliser for yellow tones in the skin. If you’re prone to sallowness or your skin is a little dull, this is an ideal primer for you. Slather it on as part of your morning makeup routine, prior to foundation, and watch as those unwanted hues are balanced out. Much like a green primer, it’ll blend evenly into the skin without imparting a purple hue once you’ve applied your foundation and concealer.

2. What sets it apart from other primers?

The main ‘grab’ of a primer is that it smooths out your complexion, giving you a gorgeous base for the rest of your makeup application. Then, you can start branching out into primers that suit your specific skincare needs–hydrating, mattifying, pore-filling and so on. As well as smoothing out the skin and giving you a great canvas to work with, the First Light Priming Filter uses small reflective particles to refract the light and give your skin a shimmering, radiant look. Plus, dry-skinned makeup lovers will rejoice as this formula is ultra-hydrating. Your makeup will never apply cakey or stick to dry patches when using this primer!

3. Who should use it?

Since this primer is nourishing and hydrating, anyone with dry or dehydrated skin is sure to love it. It’s also ideal for mature skins, as it will prevent your makeup from clinging to fine lines or settling in wrinkles, leaving you looking fresh-faced and gorgeous all day long. As we’ve established, the violet hue helps to even out any yellow tones in the skin, giving you a boost of radiance and that ‘healthy glow’ everyone covets. It’s suited to every skin colour and undertone, working as a universal brightener ideal for a flawless base under your makeup.

4. What’s the difference between this and the Backlight Priming Filter?

Another fan-fave from BECCA is the Backlight Priming Filter, their original, soft-focus formula that’ll be perfect for creating that ‘lit from within’ look. A popular question is, “what’s the difference between these two primers?”

Well, let’s start with their consistency. The Backlight Priming Filter is a lot more hydrating, so the texture is slightly more moisturising on the skin than the First Light Priming Filter. Another major difference is the ‘blurring’ aspect–while First Light has been designed to provide that filter for the skin, diminishing pores and imperfections, the main goals of the Backlight Priming Filter are colour correction and radiance.

They’re both super glowy and gorgeous on the skin, though, so I’d suggest going with Backlight if you’re ultra-dry and First Light if you’ve got more imperfections on the skin (e.g. breakouts, enlarged pores) so that you’ve got something to cover these a little.

As gimmicky as a purple primer may seem, it’s no wonder that this product has actually taken off and cemented its role in a lot of beauty bags around the world–it creates a gorgeous, radiant base and helps to make skin appear fresher, balanced and more awake. We suggest getting your hands on this baby and testing it out for yourself to see whether it may be a new staple in your everyday routine!

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