These Are Our Bestselling Products–Ever

Ever wondered what those select few, hit products customers just keep on gravitating towards are? Well, consider this your insight into the RY world–we’ve gathered up our top sellers, but not just for this month or the past year. These are the tried and tested, absolute holy grail products that have been sellouts since the start and continue to serve as our coveted top ten.

These Are Our Bestselling Products–Ever

Featuring skincare, haircare, makeup and more, this little cross-section of our ultimate faves reflects some of our most beloved brands. Without further ado, here are our ten bestselling products of all time. Find out why they’re so popular, what sets them apart from the rest, and of course, what our customers have to say!

1. L.A. Girl Pro Conceal High Definition Concealer

At just $11, this concealer costs around about the same as two cups of coffee at your local, but it’ll last waaaay longer than the short-lived caffeine fix you get from your skinny latte. With an insane shade range that features a colour ideal for any skin tone, as well as a few colour correcting shades to make evening out your complexion a breeze. It’s pigmented, blendable and feels like a super high-end, ‘luxury’ concealer.

“This concealer is amazing, and shows that you do not need a luxury concealer to get the job done. I use this concealer every day with a setting powder, and never have any issues with blendability or creasing.” – ★★★★★, Bec

2. ghd Air Hair Dryer

Don’t be fooled by the sleek, lightweight design of this hairdryer from ghd–it packs all of the same punch as its heavier counterparts, with a whopping 2,100W motor. This is the cream of the crop if you’re a pro looking for a dryer that’s easy to use all day long without weighing you down and impeding your performance. It’s also ideal for at-home use, travelling and more. The featherlight design means it’s easy to take with you wherever you go, so you can achieve that stunning salon blow dry in any scenario.

“Should have purchased this dryer years ago. It is fantastic. I have long hair and it is so efficient and quick. I get a polished, smooth blow-dry in minutes. No regrets buying this product – regret waiting so long to do so though!” – ★★★★★, Nicole

3. Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel

For a soap-free cleanser that’s gentle yet effective at restoring the skin’s balance, our customers are loving on the Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel. It’s achieved all-time favourite status in the beauty world, and our RY beauty lovers are no exception! This product leaves skin soft, supple and clearer than ever, helping to alleviate dry patches and clean out pores for fewer breakouts. We also use it in our salons for facials and more–it’s just that good! Dot a pea-sized amount on and massage into the skin following your makeup removal, then rinse off for beautiful skin.

“This is officially my holy grail cleanser. Every other cleanser I have tried has been extremely drying for my skin. I am in love with this cleanser and I love that it is soap-free! The description on the site piqued my interest and I am so glad I got this cleanser!” – ★★★★★, Olivia

4. Alpha-H Liquid Gold

There’s no doubt that ‘Liquid Gold’ is synonymous with ‘miracle worker’ in the beauty community. This chemical exfoliant should be applied once every second night to freshly cleansed skin, and will prompt skin cells to turn over quicker and more effectively, leaving you with fresher, brighter skin. It’s ideal for lifting away those pesky, flaky bits that a physical exfoliant just won’t budge. Glycolic acid is the key ingredient in this wondrous skin-resurfacing treatment.

“I have psoriasis on my face, which means I never went anywhere without makeup, but now after 2 weeks’ use of Alpha H Liquid Gold I can go make up free, my skin feels amazing and the red scaly skin left on my cheeks where the psoriasis is so much calmer. Thanks Alpha-H–you have given me back my confidence!” – ★★★★★, Lisa

5. Olaplex No. 3 Take Home Hair Perfector

Another product that has cult-like status in the beauty sphere is the Olaplex No. 3 Take Home Hair Perfector. This restructuring treatment helps to re-establish the broken bonds in the hair shaft, strengthening and protecting your locks from the effects of over-processing and colouring. The third step in your Olaplex journey, it’s an amazing supplement to the results created in-salon from using Olaplex 1 & 2, though this isn’t necessary.

“Absolutely adore Olaplex! Being one of those people (colouring often, straightening every day), my hair just turned horrid. Dry at the ends, never growing much before snapping and splitting at the ends… And finally thanks to Olaplex I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I’ve been using it once a week for a few months now and it’s truly a miracle product. It always leaves my hair silky, soft and healthy and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a world without it.” – ★★★★★, Kirsten

6. Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream

This rich moisturiser enriched with Hyaluronic acid is the answer to stubborn dryness and tired, dehydrated skin. It also protects against external elements, so if you’re the outdoorsy type, make sure to slather this on under your primer and foundation to prevent environmental factors and free radicals from penetrating through to your skin. Suitable for all skin types, but ideal for those with combination skin, antioxidants also ward off breakouts and help to sooth acne whilst restoring any lost nourishment.

“I’ve used this product for over 10 years and have always been impressed with its coverage and overall quality. It’s a keeper in my beauty regime and you only need to use a small amount so it lasts for a long time. I love it!” – ★★★★★, Bernie

7. Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo

Give brassy tones the flick with this blonde toning shampoo from cult fave Fudge. The purple hue of the shampoo helps to neutralise yellowness, leaving you with stunning ash, silver or white blonde hair. Plus, at just $16.57 for 300ml, it’s far cheaper than purchasing a toner for at-home use, so you can prolong that gorgeous colour between salon visits with ease. As well as toning to a beautiful cool blonde, this shampoo also expertly cleanses and refreshes hair, maintaining integrity and strengthening strands.

“I’ve tried many blonde/silver toning shampoos, some at even triple the cost, and this is by far my favourite. Brassy blonde hair is a thing of the past! Even my hairdresser was impressed that I was using only this and not an actual toner. Will definitely be repurchasing again & again!” – ★★★★★, Ashley

8. asap Daily Facial Cleanser

If you’re prone to acne, breakouts or oiliness, the Daily Facial Cleanser from asap will be your new saving grace. The soft, non-drying formula helps to maintain the skin’s balance whilst clearing away imperfections and lifting impurities from the pores with ease. With Glycolic acid and white tea, it gives skin cells the push they need to turn over, leaving behind a fresher, more youthful-looking complexion. It’s also ideal for removing makeup, as the gentle formula won’t irritate the eyes.

“I love this product! I used it years ago and forgot how great it was. It smells great and cleanses the skin without stripping it dry. My skin is clearing up after only one week’s use!” – ★★★★★, Jess

9. asap Daily Exfoliating Facial Scrub

This resurfacing exfoliator should be your new go-to skincare item if you’ve got dry, dull, sensitive or breakout-prone skin. Just a few scrubs of this Glycolic acid-based formula will help to lift away dirt and impurities from the pores, leaving them clear and your skin looking gorgeous. Do you deal with pesky patches of dry or sore skin that won’t alleviate no matter what you do? We promise this asap exfoliator will help! It’s also gentle enough for daily use–pair with your Daily Facial Cleanser and see how much of a difference using asap can make!

“The queen of exfoliators. Never again will I use one of those scratchy, walnut shell-based facial exfoliators! This asap one is amazing! I have this product in all the sizes available, for inside different beauty and travel bags, and the larger size for everyday use. Absolutely perfect, thank you asap!” – ★★★★★, Louise

10. Cloud Nine The Original Iron

Perhaps your trusty straightener has finally bit the dust, and it’s time for a new one–consider making the Cloud Nine Original Iron the tool you use to keep your mane in check! Our most popular straightener, the ceramic plates glide through hair no matter its thickness or texture, making styling easier than ever. With multiple heat settings that you can manipulate to suit your hair type and needs, it’s the most versatile model on the market. If you’re in the market for sleek, straight hair that looks salon-fresh and stunning, what are you waiting for? Grab a Cloud Nine and notice the difference today.

“After always using less than average straighteners and never achieving the look I wanted, I finally purchased a Cloud Nine, and oh my god, I don’t know why I ever waited! My hair is between thick and thin, so I opted to buy The Original Iron and it’s amazing! It gives me dead straight hair every time in less than ten minutes, makes my hair look so shiny and decreases the frizziness. Before, I was spending almost 30 minutes and I was never happy with the outcome. I will never look back; best purchase! – ★★★★★, Liliya

Are you surprised by our top ten bestselling products, or are some of your favourites on the list? What’s your absolute holy grail product? Let us know by commenting on our Facebook post.

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