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Illamasqua Foundation Face-Off: Skin Base vs. Rich Liquid

We love Illamasqua here at RY, and in particular, Illamasqua foundation. Known for their uniqueness and high quality formulas, Illamasqua products have been proven to slay all day long and really live up to their claims.

Illamasqua Foundation Face-Off: Skin Base vs. Rich Liquid

There are two liquid foundation formulas in the range — The Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation and the Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation. We’ve put them up against one another, subjecting them to a few telltale tests. Keep on reading to find out how each foundation stacks up, and which one is right for your skin type and ideal finish.

Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation

Illamasqua foundation Skin Base Foundation

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The Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation is a lightweight, breathable foundation that gives the wearer a natural finish that mimics the skin itself. Despite being quite sheer, it can be built up in areas of concern to a medium finish, and packs a punch when it comes to staying power.

Application: Illamasqua recommend you apply this foundation with a brush, using circular motions to buff into the skin.

Skin type: Dry and mature skinned-wearers have raved about this product, as it won’t settle into fine lines or crowd around dehydrated patches. However, it should work for any skin type, as it’s been designed to last well and withstand the elements.

It’s also vitamin-rich, meaning it shouldn’t irritate breakouts or sensitive areas. However, acne-prone skins or those with pigmentation may require something a little more high coverage.

Shades: We’ve got 17 unique shades of this beautiful foundation ready to go.

Illamasqua foundation review Skin Base swatches

The Test: To help you discover how the Skin Base Foundation wears on all skin types, we enlisted three of our RY staff to give it a go. Taren has dry skin, Aimee’s concerns include ageing and fine lines, and I’m looking to mattify oiliness and conceal breakouts.

Taren says “This foundation is great on my skin type. It doesn’t settle into any of my dry patches, and has a stunning finish that wears well throughout the day. It’s not overly dewy, but not completely matte and flat, either.”

Aimee says “I really enjoy this foundation on my skin type. It doesn’t settle into my fine lines around the eyes and mouth area, instead glossing over these and creating an even, flawless base. I found I could build up the coverage to medium around any areas with imperfections, which was ideal.”

Charlotte says “This foundation is definitely gorgeous, but not for me. I prefer really full coverage to even out my redness and any breakouts I may currently have, and found that although this product is buildable, it couldn’t deliver the pigmentation I was after. However, I’ll definitely say the finish is beautiful and looks really natural on the skin.”

Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation

Illamasqua foundation review Rich Liquid Foundation

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The Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation, on the other hand, boasts a super full coverage finish that dries semi-matte. Just a pea-sized dollop of this ultra-pigmented formula will cover any and all imperfections as desired. Just like the Skin Base, it’s incredibly long-wearing and should stay gorgeous-looking throughout the day.

Application: Illamasqua recommend using just a small amount of this product to achieve full coverage. Apply to the skin with a brush, such as the Illamasqua Foundation Brush, or a beauty sponge, layering as needed.

Skin Type: Rich Liquid is ideal for anyone who regularly wears makeup and wants to cover up imperfections. Although it feels comfortable on the skin throughout the day, it may not be suited to makeup newbies, as they won’t be used to foundations on the thicker side.

However, if you’ve got acne, scarring, rosacea, hyperpigmentation or any other hard-to-cover concerns, you’ll fall in love with this foundation. It’s thick enough to cover a tattoo with ease, if you can believe it!

When it comes down to skin type, it’s an oily girl or guy’s dream. Mattifying and oil-controlling, you won’t have to experience that uncomfortable greasiness as the day goes on. However, it also features skin-conditioning properties, making it suited to most skin types. If you have extremely dry skin, pair this product with a moisturiser and hydrating primer such as the Illamasqua Hydra Veil.

Shades: We’ve currently got 9 unique shades of this amazing formula available.

Illamasqua foundation review Rich Liquid Foundation swatches

The Test: We also tested Rich Liquid on each of us to determine its benefits for dry, mature and oily/breakout-prone complexions.

Taren says “This foundation is super thick, meaning I can use a really small amount for excellent coverage. Despite this, though, I can sheer it out when applying with a beauty sponge. It lasts all day long and doesn’t budge, but also doesn’t leave me with those dry areas showing through. I’d definitely recommend this for my skin type.”

Aimee says “Rich Liquid is a great, full coverage Illamasqua foundation, but I don’t think it’s ideal for anyone who lists fine lines amongst their concerns. It looks gorgeous at the beginning of the day, but doesn’t wear amazingly in my fine lines — I will say it collects a little. All in all, though, this is a great foundation, and I would recommend it for events and photography especially, as it delivers a flawless finish.

Charlotte says “I adore this foundation! Rich Liquid is perhaps one of the most high coverage foundations I’ve ever tried, and that’s saying something — I like to call myself a foundation connoisseur. A little truly goes a long way, and it blends out beautifully with a makeup sponge. If you like a little dewiness, leave as is, otherwise pop on a powder over the top to ensure it stays all day long.

Which Illamasqua Foundation is For You?

Image via Cruelty Free Kitty.

Now that you’ve seen exactly how both formulas look on the skin, and discovered what differentiates them from one another, it’s time to determine the right Illamasqua foundation for your unique skin type and makeup application needs.

We recommend the Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation for anyone who likes sheer yet buildable, natural coverage. Not the thickest or most pigmented of the bunch, this foundation won’t fully cover acne spots, redness or scarring. However, it lasts beautifully all day long and works excellently for dry, mature or sensitive skin types.

If you’re more of a high-coverage makeup lover, opt for the Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation. This pigmented product gives you amazing bang for your buck, and despite being thick, blends out easily. It’s not ideal for anyone who doesn’t like the feeling of heavy makeup on their face, and might not be your holy grail if you experience fine lines and wrinkles. Oily, acne-prone and hyper-pigmented skin types will love this product for its coverage and mattifying properties.

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