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Sunburn and Sunscreen

A season of fun and sun creates wonders for the spirit  – and nightmares for unprotected skin!     Sunblock and sunscreen are two of the most important beauty products to aid in the prevention of sunburn, anti-aging and good health at any stage of life.  Let us help you learn about sun protection factors (SPF) that will help you to choose the best sunscreen products and after sunburn treatment formulated for your personal skin type.

All About SPF Simply put, a Sun Protection Factor, or SPF, stands for the amount of sun protection found in a sunblock when tested.  The higher an SPF, the longer a sunscreen will prevent sunburn during exposure.  Typical SPFs in sunblock products range from SPF15 (for medium to dark skins) to SPF30 or higher (for sunburn-prone skin types).

Broaden Your Spectrum! The best type of products are labeled Broad Spectrum Sunscreens, meaning they protect skin from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.  Both types of rays are responsible for creating sunburn, wrinkles and diseases such as melanoma (aka skin cancer) which greatly harm the skin on both face and body.

Sunscreen is Not Just for Sunny Days Think clouds shield your skin from the sun’s damaging rays?  Truth is, up to 80% of UV rays pass right through clouds and onto your skin.  That’s more than enough to cause sunburn!  The only way to prevent aging and skin disease is to wear sunscreen every day, all year long.


The Best Sun Protection by Skin Type

Very Fair to Fair Skin is considered more sensitive to sunburn than medium or dark skin types.  Protection should include a sunblock containing SPF20 or higher. Invisible Zinc Face + Body Sunscreen SPF 30 + is a non-irritating, low allergy sunblock containing Zinc Oxide, a trusted ingredient in sun protection.  This lightweight, broad spectrum sunscreen can be used on both the body and face.  It is also suitable for babies and children.

Medium to Darker Skin may be less prone to sunburn than its light-hued counterpart, but sunblock products are still a must!  Choosing SPF15 or 20 helps to reduce the risk of skin cancer and aging sun damage. Dermalogica Sun Oil-Free Matte Block SPF20 uses a beautifully natural, microsponge technology to sop up oil on your face and provide the body with all-day sun protection!  This sunblock product is perfect for glamor girls who prefer a non-greasy, non-drying sunscreen to wear under cosmetics year-round.

A Post-Sunburn Relief Accidents happen.  Soothing the pain from excessive sun exposure is made easier with products containing calm and natural ingredients.  Dermalogica Sun After Sun Repair is a non-sticky balm with special algae and seaweed extracts that undo damage caused by UV sun exposure.  This formula also contains luxe botanical ingredients that retain skin’s moisture and restore it to a youthful condition.



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