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If you don’t know the line Original Mineral Hair Care  yet, you will. The brand offers a full line of haircare – yes, shampoos, conditioners, treatments, styling aids and even gift sets – all made without intense chemicals such as Ammonia and colour-fading sulfates. As if that wasn’t incredible enough to make them a true original in the haircare world, all the products are formulated with ingredients native to Australia and they’re sold in recycled packaging that – get this – will actually look good in your bathroom. Can it be true?

The story behind the brand

O & M is the brainchild of Jose Bryce Smith and her hairdresser husband Alan, a sufferer of contact dermatitis. Faced with the choice of leaving the salon business or finding an alternative to ammonia-based hair colour, the Bryce-Smith’s dared to dream of a world in which ammonia was not the only way to achieve rich, deep hair color. The O&M story started in London – as many epic tales seem to – and finished in Australia – naturally – with the creation of Mineral CCT™ the secret ingredient behind the success of O & M natural hair color. Made without nasty ingredients Ammonia, PPD or Resorcino, O &M promises the same rich colours without the not so pretty peeling skin and lung problems that come with repeatedly using toxic products.

As you can imagine, news of their discovery spread quickly through the beauty salon industry as more and more stylists demanded product for their clients.

Put these products on your radar

Today O&M is all grown up. No longer a salon secret; the brand offers a full line of 17 at-home haircare products all formulated with the same ingredients that made it such a smash in its early professional-only years. And (naturally) you can get them here.

Shampoo and conditioner pairings are available for all your good and bad hair days from maintenance – Maintain the Mane – to colour saver – Conquer Blonde and all the volumising, detoxing, smoothing hair days in between. Treatment and styling products can tackle anything your hair can throw at it. Crazy frizz? Frizzy Logic Shine Serum is made with cold-pressed certified organic Argan Oil and Macadamia Oil to calm and smooth your hair, protect it from humidity, and add shine to give a silky, lustrous texture. We’ll take two!

Maybe your hair is going the other way and refuses to get up for anyone? Rootalicious lives up to its name and uses Lilly Pilly and Quandong to work together and protect hair and pump up the volume. Yes, please.











Give us a moment to gush

We need to take a moment. Trying to pick a favorite product was like trying to name a favorite child; we really do love them all, but if we had to choose just one we recommend the Seven Day Miracle, an intense moisture masque for damaged hair. Made with Macadamia Seed Oil and cold-pressed certified organic Australian Argan Oil, this masque turns any hair type into the best version of itself. Plus it smells divine thanks to Vanilla Bean extract. It promises and delivers a miracle. How could it not be your new favorite?

There’s a lot to love about O&M haircare. Packaging? Got it. Modern, sleek, recyclable. Ingredients? Yes. Australian Mint, Tasmanian Sea Kelp, Banksia Flower and dozens of other luscious, hydrating natural ingredients. It’s for your hair, but you’ll want to apply it to your whole body.

Speaking of big decisions…with 17 products available there’s a lot of Original Minerals to choose from, so why not let someone else foot the bill this holiday season? You start dropping hints to your friends and family and we’ll do the rest. Sure it might not be the most original idea, but we guarantee your haircare will be.



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