Summer Festival Season

Festival fever is taking over the country. Whether you are an attender of each festival, or you’re a virgin, and considering heading field-bound for the first time, make sure you have your festival must haves in your clutch and you’re ready for some music, mayhem and more than likely mud!

Any die-hard festival goer will know that event fields are a stomping ground, not a beauty pageant, that said, for those ladies that find it impossible to forget their girly roots, I hear you! You won’t catch me as a shower-less, greasy, smelly, filthy mud monkey. Whist there is nothing quite like a summer festival with the girls, planning extensive beauty routines and the perfect outfit goes hand in hand with plotting a flawless itinerary to see all my favourite bands and DJ’s with perfect precision!
So for those dirty mud monkeys our there, if preened Hilton heiresses can brave the mud, sweat and lord knows whatever else, so too can you with a little careful planning and organization and some essential festival shopping.


When can you put thousands of women, and men for that fact, in one place and not expect some pretty high fashion stakes! Half the fun of a festival is the outfit. As each new event rolls on in, there will be some ‘what-if’ dressing. My one festival must have are my Leopard Print Welly’s. Even if the rain doesn’t come out for the occasion, the gumboots get an outing. I never tire of the reaction from thong wearing friends at the end of the night when my feet are spotless and I don’t look like I have trekked Kokoda.

For those first festivals of the season, take a jacket, something thin and lightweight, so that through the hot day when you don’t want to wear it, you can attach it to your shorts, or your shoulder bag. You will be thankful come the evening that you’ve lugged it around. Come January, you probably won’t need one; it will still be 30 degrees at 11pm!
Take a bag. The event organisers at Fuzzy, Jam and Future really don’t need any more free iPhones and Olympus Tough cameras; they earn a fortune as it is! Get yourself a ‘festival clutch’ something with a nice long shoulder strap that sits the clutch around your hip. Big enough for your phone, camera, ID and money and festival survival kit, that’s all you need.

Try and start with your hair up, this way you don’t have to think twice, if it’s up and set before you leave, there is no need for a sweaty pull back later in the night. If your hair is straight like mine, I like to curl it, and then tie it back in a loose messy style, and set with some Hairspray.


Leave your life’s luxuries like the new GHD in the bathroom, and opt for practical travel and beauty all-in-ones. A bit of powder and mascara can brighten up even the most sun stroked, tired face.

Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish
This little gem is a 3in1. It Conceals, Covers and sets.

Mini Deodorant + Antibacterial Hand Gel
With strict international aerosol regulations, there is an entire section at the supermarket and chemists devoted to mini sized beauty products.

Napoleon Perdis Mesmer Eyes Waterproof
this is great mascara for everyone, it gives great volume, length and curl. Its waterproof and it is safe for contact lens wears.

Bare Minerals Lip Gloss
This brand is great because it moisturises, its all natural, and it lasts (I like sugar cookie)

Before you head to the gig, check you have your ID, tickets and money; perfect way to put a dampener on the day is to need to turn around and head back home. Don’t lose your crew; pick a meeting point, and HAVE FUN!



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