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Choosing the best hair oil comes down to your objectives. There are lots of factors to consider, such as your hair type, whether you want to encourage hair growth and thickness if you are dealing with dandruff or dry hair, or whether your main priority is to offer hydration and moisturisation to your hair. Different types of oil are more suitable for different types of hair, and you can find that many solutions on the market contain blends of several oils.

To make things easier for you, in this blog we have curated ten of the very best hair oils on the market in one place. Take a read through and pick the best match!

10 best hair oils 2020

This is one of the most flexible formulas around – the Moroccanoil Treatment Original offers you multiple benefits. Not only can it be used as a solution for styling and finishing, but you will also be conditioning your hair; replacing lost proteins, replenishing with vitamins and omega-3s, and offering your locks much needed fatty acids. The result? shinier and healthier hair which is easier to manage.

If you have hair that is brittle and dry but want shinier hair, Wella Professionals Care SP LuxeOil Reconstructive Elixir could be the hair oil for you. This lightweight oil is intended for hair which is suffering from dryness, damage and trauma, and its reconstructive elixir can offer that sought-after transformative effect. The application just takes a few drops, making this convenient hair care tool for everyday use.

Are you a frizz fighter? If so, take a look at Davines OI Absolute Beautifying Oil; a haircare formula that is noted for the softness and shines it can bring to hair, along with a powerful restructuring and detangling action. Not only can its anti-frizz effect make your hair altogether more manageable, but you’ll reap the benefits of protection from breathable silicon, and roucou oil acting as an anti-oxidant.

Frizz doesn’t need to be tamed with harsh chemicals, as proven by L’Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil Original Oil. Using a blend containing grape seed oil and avocado oil, this hair care solution offers some much needed ‘TLC’ to your locks, giving you hydration and conditioning with a light formula that is suitable for all hair types.

12Reasons have created one of the most effective antidotes for hair which could be described as dull or lifeless. 12Reasons Argan Oil Serum gets to work detangling, nourishing, fighting frizz and offering protection for the colour of your hair. The end result is shine and smoothness for hair that once appeared damaged and dour. If you want to give your hair a nutrition boost while making it more manageable, 12Reasons Argan Oil Serum can be the right hair.

Beautify your hair with the silky-smooth results from label.m Therapy Rejuvenating Radiance Oil. This is another hair oil that takes advantage of North African argan oil, protecting your hair with a signature Rejuven-8 Complex, while nourishing and rejuvenating. It is best used in tandem with sister products from label.m’s Therapy Age-Defying range.

The best hair oils use blends containing the best oil types. This certainly applies to Macadamia Nourishing Moisture Oil Treatment, which uses both macadamia and argan oils to deliver much-needed moisture to your hair and scalp. This Pro Oil Complex can put you on the path to smooth, soft hair, and because this vitamin E solution is capable of conditioning your locks from the root to the tip, it can quicken up your blow-drying.

milk_shake Integrity Incredible Oil is one of the best combatants against stress factors that can weaken the hair. This is a leave-in formula that serves the function of protecting hair against heat from blow-drying, and it has been engineered to both prevent and repair split ends. Suitable for all hair types, milk_shake Integrity Incredible Oil is easily applied to damp, clean hair before you begin styling, and it can also be sprayed on dry hair to offer a high gloss look.

Are you fed up with brittle and dry hair? There are many things that can cause this hair type, including environmental aggressors and blow-drying, but in Marula Oil Transforming Hair Serum you have a formula that can come to the rescue. Thanks to its deep penetration into the hair follicles, it is able to restore moisture in the hair that has become lifeless and flat. It gets to work softening the cuticles while protecting your locks from the factors which cause dryness in the first place.

If you want your hair to shine brightly, Sachajuan Intensive Hair Oil can be a great solution, but it is also capable of repairing the hair with sea buckthorn oil and argan oil. Trust this lightweight solution to remedy both the feel and look of your locks.

So there are some of the best hair oil options on the market today. Take a look through the extensive range of hair oils and choose from even more hair oil formulas.



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