Discover The Best Pureology Range for Your Hair Type

Just like skin, it’s important to assess the needs of your hair every so often, especially for new seasons, lifestyle changes and of course, any hairdresser trips that have resulted in a fresh, new colour!

Working at RY, we are constantly surrounded by new ranges, brands and products.. So we can totally appreciate the struggle of narrowing it down to the one range or system that’s perfect for your hair type and specific concerns.

Enter our brand of the month, Pureology. Luxurious hair care, with sulfate-free formulas and a commitment to providing sustainable products and packaging.. I mean, what’s not to love?! If you’re not convinced yet, the brand also has an impressive understanding around different hair concerns and the products that’ll work hand in hand to get your locks looking and feeling incredible. Keen to hear more? Keep reading for the full breakdown!

Best for dry hair

Parched hair that constantly feels knotty and looks a bit on the lack-lustre side? Get your moisture hit  with Pureology’s hero Hydrate range. Packed with a host of thirst-quenching ingredients including Jojoba oil, this range leaves thick and dry hair types feeling touchably soft.

Because there’s nothing they can’t do, Pureology has also managed to nail the game for hair that’s dry yet fine, with their Hydrate Sheer range! This clever formula attaches to the areas of hair where hydration is needed, woah!

Best for fragile hair

Split ends, breakdage, or hair that feels rough? If you’ve ticked off at least one concern from this list, chances are you’ve got fragile hair!

This pesky concern is usually a result of the chemical processing that takes place when colouring hair. But don’t worry, your hair isn’t a lost cause by any means- Pureology’s Strength Cure Collection  was created to help bring weak strands back to life! In fact, each product in the range is formulated using hard-working antioxidants and proteins proven to help heal damaged strands.

Best for blondes

If you’re a blonde, looking to upkeep those fresh out of the salon vibes (because who isn’t?!) then Pureology’s Strength Cure Blonde is the range for you!

These multi-tasking must-haves not only work to banish brassy hues- the range also softens, strengthens, protects AND adds vibrancy.

If you’re a sucker for an incredible smelling shampoo, you’ll fall in love with this aromatic blend, which features notes of pear, rose and sandalwood.

Best for managing frizz

In a constant battle with frizz? We don’t love that for you! We’d recommend taming your mane with Pureology’s Smooth Perfection Collection.

Formulated using a combo of hair-loving Shea butter and Camellia Oil, this hydration-packed duo will have your strands looking shiny and sleek, while feeling more manageable, from the very first wash! *Adds to cart*


PSA: Those with coloured strands can sleep easy knowing that the Pureology range is completely fade-safe! What are you waiting for? Shop Pureology here



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