All the Fashion Week Beauty Looks You Might Have Missed

Fashion Week Beauty Looks MBFWA Romance Was Born 2

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia (MBFWA) is in full swing again, with the hottest designers exhibiting their latest Spring/Summer collections. Although we love drooling over outfits we certainly can’t afford, all eyes are on the hottest Fashion Week beauty looks.

All the Fashion Week Beauty Looks You Might Have Missed

From glossy eyes to killer natural brows and much more, here are the trends that have emerged from this year’s MBFWA shows. Keep on reading to discover our favourite Fashion Week beauty looks of 2018, from designers including Alice McCall, Romance Was Born and more.

Camilla + Marc

Fashion Week Beauty Looks MBFWA Camilla + Marc

Trend alert: Berry lips and glowing skin

Berry-coloured lips were on the agenda at the Camilla + Marc show this year, one of the first designers to exhibit as part of Fashion Week. We saw models decked out in mid-toned, purple-red shades with very little other makeup worn. Models who didn’t rock these stunning berry lip looks instead wore effervescent pops of highlighter to give the skin a warm, radiant look.

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Albus Lumen

Fashion Week Beauty Looks Albus Lumen MBFWA

Trend alert: Peachy blush and plaits

Two unique trends emerged at this year’s Albus Lumen show — and we’re drooling over them. The first was an all-out take on peach blush that embraced a bright, bold version of the hue. Placed over the cheeks and nose bridge with minimal foundation underneath, this look gave the models a quirky glow.

Fashion Week Beauty Looks MBFWA Albus Lumen 2

The other go-to Fashion Week beauty look we’re loving from Albus Lumen is plaits. The oft-forgotten little sister of intricate braids, plaits are simple to create and make a fun statement. They look especially great on highlighted hair, but are incredibly versatile, looking uniquely gorgeous no matter your hair type. It’s time to grab the hair elastics and get started — what are you waiting for?

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Bianca Spender

Fashion Week Beauty Looks MBFWA Bianca Spender

Trend alert: Natural, wet-look curls

2018 is all about embracing and enhancing your natural curls if you’ve got ’em, and this was definitely showcased on the runway at this year’s Bianca Spender show. Makeup-wise, most models rocked natural, rosy looks, but all eyes were definitely on their hair.

To achieve a look like the above, you’ll need a few curl-perfecting products in your arsenal, including a curl enhancer and a shine serum. Scrunch through your curl enhancer before spritzing the shine spray to set and add that lustrous, semi-wet look.

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Alice McCall

Fashion Week Beauty Looks Alice McCall MBFWA

Trend alert: Bold winged eyeliner and bronzed skin

Oh, how we love a good wing… This year’s Alice McCall show elicited serious Fashion Week beauty goals as each model sported a bold, jet-black winged eyeliner look. Instead of a traditional, shorter wing, MUAs opted for a dramatic length that drew focus straight to the eyes. To recreate this from home, make sure you’re using a super pigmented liner that’ll give you control, such as a liquid formula with a brush or pen tip.

The other trend we spotted at Alice McCall was effortlessly bronzed skin, giving each model a super sunkissed vibe. Instead of concentrating your favourite bronzer on the cheekbones, sweep it across the face, including on the temples, nose bridge and jawline.

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We Are Kindred

Fashion Week Beauty Looks MBFWA We Are Kindred

Trend alert: Natural, dewy skin

Forget matte makeup — dewy skin is definitely in. The Fashion Week beauty looks we spotted at the We Are Kindred show were no exception to this, with most models walking the runway highlighted for the gods. Instead of a shimmery, pigmented formula, though, it appears as if the MUAs on call used a balm-like product to do their highlighting. Clear glosses and ointments do a stellar job at this, giving the high points light without adding any colour to the skin. Models also wore rosy blush and sported subtly tinted lips.

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Romance Was Born

Fashion Week Beauty Looks MBFWA Romance Was Born 2

Trend alert: glitter everything

Okay, guys — the Romance Was Born show at MBFWA 2018 was lit, to say the least…lit with handfuls of glitter and sparkle. Models rocked a variety of Gatsby-esque looks that ranged from dark and sultry to ethereal and playful. We’ve rounded up our top three (tough decisions were made).

First up is this magical look sported by AusNTM alum Aleyna Fitzgerald, which features shimmery highlighter, a red-pink lip and a whole lot of rhinestones. The key to pulling this look off is keeping your highlighter shade as close to your skin tone as possible to give off a natural look, and discovering your ideal red hue.

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Fashion Week Beauty Looks MBFWA Romance Was Born

Look two is this Bird of Paradise-inspired eye extravaganza, framed by spiralling coils of hair in an intricate pattern. Although we aren’t going to ask you to style your locks as such (although if you want to, please go for it), you can definitely recreate this eye look at home. Grab your favourite bright palette, pick an accent colour and concentrate it in the inner corner, then framing with a jet black shade on the outer V. Finally, top it off with out-there lashes!

Fashion Week Beauty Looks MBFWA Romance Was Born 3

Finally, this smoky yet colourful look stole the show at Romance Was Born, especially when paired with a 20s-look headpiece. Silver-black kohl rimmed the models’ eyes, tapering into a half wing which was then filled in using a pop of bright colour. Try the below eyeliner pencil from Eye of Horus — the creamy formula makes it the perfect tool for achieving this look.


Fashion Week Beauty Looks MBFWA I.AM.GIA

Chic streetwear label I.AM.GIA was one of the most highly anticipated MBFWA shows, especially if you’re asking our RY beauty editors. Known for their cool girl pieces that are simultaneously wearable and affordable, the brand has proven a massive hit amongst fashion lovers everywhere. Where most models on their runway let the clothes speak for themselves with minimal makeup, one bold look we spotted is this red winged eye look.

Using what appears to be a red cream shadow, blush or even a lipstick, MUAs shaded the entire lid to just under the brow bone, and then extended it into a winged shape. If you’re keen on recreating it with the red hue, opting for a lipstick might be your best bet, as you’ll be able to pin down the perfect shade. Otherwise, a gel-crayon eyeshadow will give you fantastic precision and pigment.

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