Blondes Earn More Money

blonde hair 

Everyone has heard it a thousand times.  Blondes have more fun, and now a new study  has given us  reason to believe it’s true — the study reveals that blondes women earn  more money – up to 7 % more on average than women with other hair colours.

According the study that was conducted by the University of Queensland,

1 Blonde-haired beauties also marry richer men

2 Blonde-haired women  husbands earn on average 6 percent more.

The study took into account the  salarys of 13,000 women and found that the payment gap was still evident after  factors such as height, education were removed,  At our Recreate yourself salon in Queensland, blonde Highlights are the most popular colour servce season after season no matter what the fashion is.

David Johnson who was the studys lead author told the Uk press “Blonde women are often depicted as being more attractive than other women, but also less intelligent,” This it seems has now been proven is not the case.
His comments seem to negate  the common myth that Blondes have a low intelligene .Here at I dont think it will matter how many studys are done the blonde joke will be here to stay.  Who knows? the blonde Bombshells could be the ones having the last laugh.

The finding that Blondes earn more money was published in business journal Economics Letter.

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