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Recreate Meghan Markle’s Wedding Makeup Look

Although the Royal Wedding is done and dusted, the hype around Meghan Markle has far from calmed down — did you expect anything less? The stunning former actress is the name on everyone’s lips, especially now she’s officially made Harry her hubs.

Their gorgeous wedding, held on Saturday 19th of May, showcased Meghan’s natural beauty with a simple yet elegant makeup look.

Recreate Meghan Markle’s Wedding Makeup Look

Meghan Markle's Wedding Makeup Look

We predict that girls all over the world will be asking makeup artists for ‘the Meghan’, but instead of forking out your $$ on a professional, why not learn how to recreate this look by yourself?

Despite having a gorgeous effect, it’s incredibly easy to do, and suits every skin tone and age. Keep on reading for your step-by-step guide to recreating Meghan Markle’s wedding makeup look.


To recreate Meghan Markle’s wedding makeup, you’ll need to start with a light, flawless base. The actress-turned-duchess is known for her famous smattering of freckles, which contrast with her caramel complexion.

We recommend using a sheer foundation that can be built up in any problem areas — this will give the illusion of flawless skin whilst still covering up redness, uneven skin tone or breakouts. Sheer foundations are usually on the watery side, so apply them with a brush rather than a sponge to ensure you make the most of the pigment.

Our pick for foundation is the BECCA Aqua Luminous Foundation, applied with a brush such as the Sigma F80 Kabuki Brush. Whatever unique skin details you have (like freckles!) will shine through with this light yet perfecting foundation.

After you’ve applied foundation, it’s time to go in with concealer to hide remaining imperfections and highlight the skin. If you’ve been blessed with skin as fresh and blemish-free as Meghan’s, disregard covering anything and move straight to accentuating the facial high points.

Dot a little concealer under the eyes to brighten them right up for that lively, youthful glow Meghan Markle always sports. Then, highlight the forehead, cupid’s bow and chin by dotting a little more concealer and blending in with a sponge.

Use the Youngblood Ultimate Concealer if you love a cream formula, or if you prefer a liquid, opt for the Jane Iredale Active Light Under-Eye Concealer (it can be used all over the face; don’t let the name fool you!). Blend in with the ModelCo Magic Makeup Blender Sponge.


Meghan Markle’s wedding makeup look turned heads, if only for her choice of eye makeup. Whilst the majority of her ‘face’ was quite subtle and natural, she went for something slightly more dramatic with a deep brown smoky eye and fluttery, thick lashes.

For an eye look like this, your best bet is finding a palette with five or so shades that’s tailored to creating a smoky look. We love the PIXI Mesmerising Mineral Palette in Mineral Contour and the Jane Iredale Day Time Eyeshadow Kit — both feature brown shades that range in intensity.

Start out by using one of the lighter colours as a base, applying to the whole lid. Then, it’s a matter of concentrating the darker eyeshadows (we recommend starting with the deep brown in either palette) onto the lid and using the black shade to add depth. Blend out to perfection and you’re good to go — simple smoky, check! Top the look off with some lush false eyelashes.


Meghan hasn’t been one to jump on the ultra-thick, Insta-brow trend, instead rocking a tailored and elegant brow with medium thickness. We suspect only a brow pencil was used on Meg’s brows in prep for her nuptials to Harry, making the application process incredibly quick and easy.

Find your perfect shade in a pencil with a spoolie, such as the Garbo & Kelly Brows on Point Pencil. Take the spoolie (AKA the little brush) and comb out your brow hairs so they’re all neat and sitting upwards. Then, grab the pencil end and begin to fill in the brows, mimicking the appearance of hairs with short, soft strokes.

When you get to the front of the brow, if you have darkly pigmented hairs, you won’t need to do much at all. If you’re a blondie, simply take your brow pencil and create small hairs with a gentle touch.

Blush, Bronzer & Highlighter

One thing we noticed with Meghan Markle’s wedding makeup look is that she didn’t have the same (occasionally OTT) rosy-cheeked look we see on a lot of brides. Instead, her cheeks were gorgeously flushed with a touch of bronzer that complemented her skin tone, and what appeared to be a subtle wash of peachy-pink blush.

Start off by taking a fluffy angled face brush, such as the Real Techniques Sculpting Brush, and swirling it around in your bronzer. The shade used on Meghan shows no sign of orange, which ensures it looks ultra-natural on the skin. Opt for a matte bronzer like the Gorgeous Cosmetics Endless Summer Bronzer (we’ll go in with a lil’ highlighter later). Dust on the cheekbones, up onto the temples and forehead and on the jawline for a subtly sculpted look.

Select an appropriately peachy-pink blush, such as the OFRA Blush in Chameleon, and swirl very gently with your brush. Dot onto the cheeks and blend out if need be, using a powder brush or your fingers. Cream blushes also work wonders for that natural glow — just be cautious you’re not applying over the top of any powder to avoid cakiness.

Finally, it’s time for everyone’s fave step, highlighter! Meghan doesn’t seem to be wearing anything too sparkly or shimmery, and instead just has a really ethereal glow. Ugh, we’re so envious. Fake it ’til you make it with the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal, a universal shade which gives the skin radiance without being over the top.


Meghan’s wedding makeup look was all pulled together with the addition of a sweet, semi-matte pink lipstick shade. We’re sure beauty addicts everywhere will try and pinpoint the exact shade she used, but ’til we’ve got that all figured out, here are some guesses.

Whichever shade you choose, make sure you apply it using a lip brush to ensure longevity and a seamless finish, filling in any cracks or fine lines. Even in the dead of winter, you’ve got no excuse for chapped-looking lips!

The Finishing Touches

Although we can’t give you intel on how Meghan set her makeup on the big day, it’s always important to ensure bridal makeup stays in place and doesn’t get cakey — after all, you’ll be partying ’til the wee hours of the morning.

Thankfully, cult-fave brand Skindinavia offer a range of setting sprays that are absolutely killer when you’re getting married (or are simply recreating Meghan Markle’s wedding makeup for fun, because same). Spritz a little to keep everything set for hours upon end. If you’re more of a powder kind of girl, we can’t go past the Kryolan Professional Makeup Translucent Powder.

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There you have it — absolutely everything you’ll need to recreate Meghan Markle’s wedding makeup look. Whether you want to emulate the new duchess’s look on your own big day, or simply love the natural, effortless vibe this makeup style gives off, you’re all set! Now, all there’s left to do is find a royal to marry….

Do you plan on recreating this natural makeup look, as popularised by the gorgeous Meghan Markle at her recent wedding? Let us know over on Facebook or Twitter!



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