How To

Oily Roots

The problem : Oily roots and greasy hair with dry ends.

The Answer : Try using a gentle shampoo on your scalp and a more moisturising formula on the lengths of your hair. This should balance the scalp, which is producing too much oil, while hydrating the drier ends. Also try to wash in lukewarm, or even cool, water. Hot water can overstimulate your scalp’s sebaceous glands.” recommends
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Brad ngata hairdresser to the stars says “If your hair is oily rather than your scalp, chances are you don’t have an oil problem as much as a product problem, You may be using products that are too heavy for your hair type or might not be rinsing properly.”
Shampoo once. This removes and dirt and build up of product in your hair.
Shampoo twice. This will enhance the benefit of the shampoo weather it be cleansing, Softening, colour protection
Condition. Read the instructions on your conditioner, often they work best when left on for a few mins. Remove excess moisture from the hair and concentrate on the ends. When the bottle says rinse well….. rinse well.

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