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Clarins Extra Firming Day Cream and Night Cream

Clarins is a brand I love simply because they are French and they fit in with the little “French” image I have in my head. Whilst I had never tried their facial moisturizers I have tried plenty of other products, with the ones I really love not getting a mention, as usual – hello Hand and Nail Cream, you’re amazing!


I am going to discuss the Extra Firming Night and Day Cream together because they are so similar, and it saves me writing everything twice.



What I like:

  •  These creams are so luxurious. The formulation is silky and soaks in immediately to provide hydration all night.
  • They have a soft in offensive fruity smell which dissipates quickly. It smells artificial, but I really like the scent.
  • I didn’t notice a difference in the “firmness” of my skin, although I did notice a difference in the texture and despite it being Autumn my skin tended to glow each morning when I woke up.


What I don’t like:

  • Whilst I appreciate the beauty of the little glass tubs of cream, I can foresee a few smashed tubs. I myself have almost dropped them on the bathroom tiles countless times.
  • The cream was a little bit rich for my skin, I did get break outs along my chin when I used this product. Considering I have sensitive, problem skin which is like a fussy toddler it is no great surprise really and I feel it would be perfect for most other people. The formulation is designed for all skin types, however I believe it would be best for those with drier or more mature skin. is the company I have entrusted all of my MAJOR beauty spending with. When I bought my GHD for my 18th birthday, it was promptly sent all the way to Kingaroy without a scratch. My Clarisonic Classic was bought this Christmas and I have bought countless other items from them besides. I love that being local (Gold Coast) means the items get to you extremely quickly and they are willing to fix any problem (when I bought my Clarisonic I originally wanted the Pro, but they were out of stock – the website hadn’t been changed to reflect this yet when I ordered the Pro. They quickly refunded my money and I bought the Classic instead. Easy). It was no different when they sent me these items for review, they arrived promptly and carefully packaged.



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