We polled it, you asked for it, and now we’re giving it to you – Clarins!

“Clarins, For the love of beauty”. At Clarins, love is behind all that is done. The belief that loving should are creative souls, which is why they create products for every beauty and desire. They understand that we are all unique and they have given a product for every need.

Clarins is a French brand with a large range of skincare products and fragrances. Interestingly a medical student founded the company over 50 years ago, and his son is still the Chairman today.

In 1954 Jacques Courtin-Clarins decided to “take beauty seriously” and he opened his beauty institute in Paris offering women personalised treatments and advise. It was in 1980 that Clarins became the leading brand of premium skincare in France; the following year saw the creation of the US office and the beginning of the company’s international development. In as little as 10 years time, Clarins became the leading brand in not only France, but also Europe as an entirety.

Over the following years to come Clarins develops fragrances, an entire range devoted to male skincare and continues to be highly sought after by women worldwide.

Clarins has taken Australia by storm, and women and men countrywide are loving the products for all their skin concerns. Since RY offered their loyal customers skincare we have been asked for Clarins; we have listened, and in little under 12 months, we have given it to you.

With clinically trained Clarins Beauty therapists, everything about this fantastic addition to RY is available to all our customers, countrywide. If it’s a in salon treatment for those of our Salon customers, or some simple product knowledge advise over the phone, all our Skincare team are available around the clock to give you all the information you need.

We gave the (not so hard) task of road testing some of the Clarins essentials to our staff, and we think you will be very interested in what they had to say!

I decided to try out one of the cleansers, and after careful consideration, settled for the Pure Melt Cleansing Gel. I have never tried anything quiet like this product before, it is a gel, that then changes texture, to an silky oil, then a milky mixture (Dermalogica users, think precleanse product concept).  I was able to use this, even on my eyes with out any irritation and still have a super clean feeling.
MY VERDICT – Would definitely recommend this, I think both dry and oily skin conditions would like this cleanser.

I have extremely sensitive and irritated skin, and road tested the Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate. I absolutely loved it! My skin reacts to most things i put on it, and with using this product day and night for about a week, i can really feel the difference, my skin is soothed when i use this, and it is not red and aggravated.
MY VERDICT – Certainly would recommend this, to any one with extremely sensitized skin.

Can’t go past the Hand and Nail Treatment Cream. With really dry hands, and even dryer cuticles, I am a stickler for great hand cream. I have used this hand cream in the past, and moved from what i am using now to give this a go again – It is brilliant! Non-greasy formula that doesn’t leave that horrible residue for hours after, and my cuticles are already in better condition after 1 week.
VERDICT – Have one in your bag, one in the bathroom and one in the car, this is one of the best hand cream and I think it is suitable for anyone.



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