Agyness Deyn Goes Brunette

Well know fashion icon, model and singer Agyness Deyn has been labeled “the fashion industries next great supermodel” and is known and recognised by her perma-peroxide crop.

agyness deyn brunette

Seen this week at New York Fashion week, she was barely recognisable. Trading her signature platinum locks for a modern, edgy ebony coloured mop. I personally think that the new look suits her, and she looks fantastic. Not many celebs can carry off such a dramatic change and come out the other side with positive comments from the media.

Someone who is possibly known just as well as Agyness in the fashion industry, but for all the wrong reasons is Katie Price aka Jordan has done the switch numerous times. “She just wanted to be taken more seriously”.

The ever so lovely Reese Witherspoon looks great either way but the lighter locks bring out her eyes and her cheeky side.

This bootilicious Beauty Beyonce looks great whenever she graces the covers of our magazines. I personally think her golden locks complement Beyonce’s skintone and give her a gorgeous glow.

In the end Amy Winehouse didn’t have a choice about going to Rehab, but she did have a choice about the colour of her hair. She should stay dark, but change the overall look just a little I think.

Cameron Diaz was known for being the ultimate blonde bombshell – her eyes and smile were all accentuated by the superb blonde tone. When she appeared on the big screen in Charlies Angels with a darker warm chocolate shade, many were pleasantly surprised at how fantastic she looked.

Madonna has reinvented herself to keep up with pop nearly as many times as she has been hitched. Madge should definitely stick with the blonde up top – she looks past her used by date brunette.

Posh Spice, she went blonde, then brunette because she didn’t want to be like “that Jordan” or something along those lines – verdict Victoria Beckham she should stay dark so she doesn’t look trashy.

Christina Aguilera quiet well known for her lighter than white locks. She had a brief stint on the dark side, but soon decided that blondes have more fun.

With Lily Allen’s coming of age she developed style, pigment and looks far superior brunette!

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