Headlice Myths Answered

Its Easter holiday time and the kids are home from school. But when they go back you live in fear of them coming home with the little monsters in thier hair – Head lice. Head lice are a human parasite and have been around longer than you and I, which probably explains the large amount of urban myths that go with them. au will try to answer some of the most common questions about head lice.

Do headlice jump? No they don’t have any back legs so they can’t jump.

Can i get it of my kids pillow? Actually yes you can. Although lice cant live with out a human you can still pick it up if your quick enough.

Did i get them off my dog? No you didn’t they can only live on humans so don’t blame the pooch

Why do i get itchy when i think about headlice? This one I can’t explain but I have an itchy head writing this one.

What is the best way to treat headlice? You can treat headlice in a number of ways but some chemist compounds can be highly toxic. Tea tree, oregano and cinnamon leaf are meant to be excellent alternative to the chemist treatments.

One of the best solutions it to use a preventative treatment to help infestations and to keep them away.



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