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How to Apply Eye Liner – 4 Easy-to-Achieve Looks

Applying eye liner is the perfect way to transform your eyes without any invasive surgery. Wherever there is darkness, the eye is automatically drawn to. So when you apply eye liner, you can help change the shape of your eye. Whether you’re a one flick wonder or a shaky handed eye liner noob, I have four eye liner looks that can be easily created.

Look 1

This is the simplest and easiest look to implement. I promise, you can’t screw it up if you tried. Grab a khol eye liner pencil (Ry loves Gorgeous Cosmetics Eye Pencil in Black Jack) and draw all the way along the top lash line. You don’t have to attempt to wing it out at this stage (that comes next!). Just focus on applying close to the lashes and even wiggle the pencil into the lashes. This will create more thick, full looking lashes. You don’t even have to worry about creating a straight line. Just work the pencil back and forth until you have the desired line thickness/ colour pay-off you desire. Use a smudging brush (like the Jane Iredale one) to smudge the line out more creating a soft smoky effect.

It should end up looking like this.


But no one looks like that. So if it ends up looking like this….

Eye Liner

that’s okay too.

Look 2

This one is not for the faint hearted. If you don’t like bright colours, stepping out of the box or having fun, this is not the eye liner look for you. It is a look, however that can create a statement with minimum effort. You don’t even need to have a steady hand. Do your full make up first, including mascara, then get a soft, long wearing coloured eye pencil (Napoleon Perdis Eye Pencil in Raw Denim is beaut) and put it in the lower water line. Ensure your pencil isn’t too sharp, as this is a very sensitive area and you don’t want to stab yourself. This will provide a nice pop of colour to your look without it being too in your face.

Such as:

coloured liner


Look 3

Start this look off like you would have started Look 1, by drawing a line loosely on your top lid, close to the lash line. Then line your lower inner rim for instant definition. Next, take your pencil and line the lower lash line until it connects to the top of the eye. Take the same smudging brush and smudge the lines out so it’s not as harsh. Once you’ve achieved the smokiness you like, you’re done. If you’re new, try to keep a light hand when applying the liner. Smudging thick, black liner around your eyes can leave you looking like a raccoon, so probably avoid this. I know that it can be drummed into your head to not line the lower lash-line. Flash-back to being a 15 year old rocking bottom eye liner and nothing else. The key here is balance.

Hopefully it’ll look like this.

cat eye

And not like this.



Look 4

Don’t be scared, this one is a little more advanced but if you never try, you’ll never know. It’s the highly coveted winged/cat eye. This look is best achieved with a liquid liner, try Napoleon Perdis Matte Eye Ink. I think the best way to go is start from about the middle of your eye and then take the line out in a wing, following the crease of your eye. Now going from the point,  join the line up, creating the little triangle wing in the corner. You can then go from the inner corner of the eye and complete the look. The best way to make the wing nice and even and not crooked is to lean your elbow on a flat, stable surface so your hand won’t shake, and do short little strokes. The longer the stroke, the more chance you have of screwing it up.


Ahh Chloe Morello. Queen of the Wing.

What’s your favourite Eye Liner look? Let me know below.

Renee Volck

Renee Volck

Writer and expert