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Dandruff Shampoo

Fed up with an itchy, flaky scalp? Embarrassed by flakes spoiling the look of your hair and finding their way on to your shoulders?

Dandruff is an extremely common problem that affects all types of hair from the very oily to the very dry. Sometimes it seems that this is one of those irritating hair problems that just won’t go away…

So what causes dandruff?

Dandruff causes

Dandruff occurs when the scalp becomes irritated – what exactly causes the irritation is unknown. However the irritation causes the scalp to shed dead skin cells at a faster rate than normal, leaving you with flakes in your hair and an itchy scalp.

Dry skin is a major cause of dandruff and we can all suffer from this at some point. Factors like harsh shampoos or even cold weather can strip the scalp of its natural oils causing dry skin in this area.

Sometimes the cause of dandruff may be beyond your control as it can be a common side effect of skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis.

How to get rid of dandruff?

Keeping yourself healthy with a nutritious diet and avoiding stress is vital for your overall health and the health of your skin, hair and scalp. Dandruff often occurs when we are feeling run down or have been burning the candle at both ends.

You may also need to cut back on your styling products for a short time to avoid overloading the scalp especially if you have oily hair and skin. Oily skin produces more sebum and excess on the scalp is another cause of this annoying problem.

Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff treatment is fairly straightforward and most cases will clear up with a good quality dandruff shampoo.

Wash your hair every day with a specially formulated dandruff shampoos. We Recommend:
Loreal Professional Power Clear
Matrix Biolage Anti-Dandruff shampoo
Both of these products are specially formulated to actively remove the flaking and irritation caused by dandruff without damaging the hair.

If your dandruff doesn’t clear up it may be advisable to visit your doctor to make sure there isn’t an underlying cause for the problem.



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