Summer Hair

Summer is the perfect time to head outside and enjoy everything that summer has to offer, but its also the time when you hair is most susceptible to sun damage. Follow these tips to maintain the perfect summer hair.

In summer you should think of your hair as you do your skin, and treat it with the same care. When the hair is exposed to the sun for any prolonged period of time, the outside layer, also known as the cuticle is burnt. If your hair is split, highlighted or not well looked after to begin with then it is much more inclined to damage than healthy, well maintained hair. Burnt hair is easy to spot it is dry, brittle and looses it lustre.

Blondes have a bigger concern during summer, in general coloured highlights contain bleach, and with extended exposure to chlorine, these can take on a greenish tone. If you are swimming in chlorine at all, you should wash your hair with a suitable shampoo whilst its still wet, or as soon as possible. I recommend Wells SP Sunset Refresh Shampoo or Joico Kpak Chelating Shampoo. If you are a summer junkie, and that means anyone that spends time at the beach, in the sun or in a pool, should have some good quality deep cleansing shampoo, and an even better nourishing conditioner to complement.



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