L’Oreal Vitamino AOX – Best Selling Haircare

L’Oreal Vitamino AOX

Tired of spending heaps of money on colouring your hair only for it to go dull by next week? Do more than lock in your colour. Make your colour radiant with L’Oreal Vitamino AOX. There’s a reason it’s the most popular haircare in Australia for coloured hair.

How it works:

Colour protecting shampoo – The A-OX formula thoroughly cleanses the hair without leaving behind any nasty residue. This shampoo helps lock in colour radiance, preventing dull hair and enhancing shine and softness.Shampoo

Colour protecting conditioner – Dual-action conditioner helps to keep coloured hair shiny and radiant with added softness from root to tip. conditioner10_500x500

Colour protecting gel-masque – Specially formulated masque for coloured hair, making it softer, shinier and more reflective. Vita-AOX-Masque-200ml

Soft Cleanser – Work this mousse in with water for a foamy mousse that rids hair of all impurities while locking in colour and shine.Soft Cleanser

Make coloured hair beam with this Best Selling range.

Vitamino AOX

Renee Volck

Renee Volck

Writer and expert