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Primer vs. Primer – The Ordinary Skincare

So, you’ve checked out The Ordinary and you’re already hooked–between the insane price points and the high-grade formulations on offer, it’s hard to say no. That’s why over the past few weeks, I’ve very guiltily amassed practically the whole range! Although this brand are renowned for skincare products filled with active-ingredient goodness, they’re also beginning to branch out into makeup and makeup prep. One product range that’s made serious waves in the beauty industry is the primers available from The Ordinary.

Primer vs. Primer – The Ordinary Skincare

The Breakdown

If you’re a regular makeup wearer, you’ll know the importance of priming before you start slapping on your foundation, contour and more. We’ve already sussed out which primers we love the most for each skin type, one being The Ordinary’s High-Spreadability Fluid Primer. But, there’s also another talked-about primer in the range–the High Adherence Silicone Primer! We’re here to break down the difference between these two super-effective primers so you know which one will suit your skin type and makeup needs.

High Adherence Silicone Primer ($8.80)

Right off the bat, this may be the cheapest primer I’ve ever tried. As someone with oily skin, I’m always looking for mattifying primers that’ll make my very obvious pores disappear into oblivion, giving that airbrushed, perfect-skinned finish. Often, finding something that even remotely works is going to set you back $50+, but not this little gem–it’s less than two cups of coffee, and truly does the job, so you have no excuse!

What it does: 

– Mattifies for an oil-controlling base

– Blurs pores by filling them, thanks to advanced adaptive silicones

– Gives foundation a super-HD look

Who it’s for: 

– anyone looking for a flawless, matte base

– oily skin types will benefit from its oil-control properties

“This primer makes my makeup apply and stay so nicely! I can put it on first thing in the morning and my face will still look really good at the end of the day, when usually, makeup will have slid off my face leaving behind a greasy mess. So impressed! – Chloe, RY Customer

High-Spreadability Fluid Primer ($13.90)

At $13.90, this primer retails at a grand total of three cups of coffee–although it isn’t as cheap as High Adherence, it’s still pretty unbelievable. With a thinner, gel-like consistency that blends like a dream, this product is super lightweight on the skin and helps makeup glide on easily.

What it does: 

– smooths out your skin for an even base

– stops foundation, concealer etc. from sticking to dry patches

– hydrates and brightens the skin tone

Who it’s for:

– someone who wants a slightly more radiant base

– ideal for dry/combo skin, as it’ll help foundation apply more smoothly

“What an amazing product, have used several others but this is silky smooth and foundation just glides over it. Such a great price and it will last for ages.” – Lisa, RY customer

The Verdict

So, what are the major differences between the two?

Consistency: The High Adherence Primer is reminiscent of a regular primer cross with your favourite everyday moisturiser. Meanwhile, the dropper-style applicator of the High-Spreadability Primer definitely brings a far more science-y feel to mind, as does the thin serum-like consistency.

Skin Type: Try High Adherence if you’re oily, prone to breakouts or have combination skin with an oily T-zone. It’ll control any greasiness from peeking through and keep makeup looking flawless. Meanwhile, if you’re on the dry side, we recommend High-Spreadability–ideal for combo and mature skins, too, this will allow product to go on smoothly despite any flakiness or dry patches.

Price: At $8.80, the High Adherence Primer is everything you want from your makeup–high return for a super low investment. Although the $13.90 for High-Spreadability is a small hike up, it’s still nothing compared to other high-end, quality primers. The glass bottle and pipette applicator make this your ‘luxury’ option.

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So, you’ve worked out which The Ordinary primer is right for your skin! Now all that’s left to do is buy–shop The Ordinary here.

Let us know your favourite of the two in the comments below. Happy priming, lovelies!

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