Our Trending Halloween Costume Predictions For 2017

Every year, a few major costume trends begin to emerge in the lead-up to October 31. It’s a big night, after all, so it only makes sense that party-goers and trick-or-treaters alike want to break out some of the year’s hottest themes as part of their Halloween costume.

Our Trending Halloween Costume Predictions For 2017

Last year saw a bunch of Elevens running around, blonde wigs in tow, as well as a justifiable amount of Khaleesis (the Mother of Dragons is always relevant, let’s be real). Another favourite amongst the dressed-up crowds was, of course, anything remotely political–the sheer volume of Clinton and Trump costumes we spotted was astronomical.

So, what’s on the Halloween costume agenda for this year? We can’t speak for everyone, especially those who like to go for weird and wonderful looks, but we can give predicting this year’s big hitters a red-hot go. Here are the Halloween costumes we expect to see everywhere this October.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot 2017 Halloween costume

Off the back of this 2017’s hottest movie, we’re foreseeing quite a lot of Wonder Woman-themed Halloween costumes this year! Who wouldn’t want to emulate the strong, Amazonian goddess-turned-superhero who manages to save the world and look insanely gorgeous at the same time? Seriously, give us Gal Gadot’s secrets–now.

In addition to your thigh-high boots, whip and leotard, you’ll need some perfectly-coiffed curls and natural makeup that accentuates your bone structure. Carve out the cheekbones by contouring with a light, cool shade. This will help create definition, and give the illusion of Gadot’s crazy-sharp cheekbones. Pop on a little rosy lip balm, define your brows, and don’t forget a subtle, fluttery lash. Run a curling iron through your hair for loose, natural curls, securing in place with a little non-crunchy hairspray.

Daenerys Targaryen & Jon Snow

Daenerys Targaryen Jon Snow Game of Thrones Halloween costume

All incest aside, we’re still loving on some of Game of Thrones‘ starring characters–namely, Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow. Khaleesi has been a staple Halloween costume in past years, and is easily accessible to the busy gal, as she’s pretty much a blonde wig and a long dress. With the seventh season establishing Daenerys and the hunky Jon Snow as an (albeit related) couple, though, it’s a total game changer.

Go for the hottest couple’s costume of 2017 by convincing your dude to mimic Kit Harrington’s shaggy ‘do and throw on a sleek, fur-lined black cloak. We can guarantee you this’ll be a low maintenance costume, seeing as every costume shop in the country is sure to have a Jon Snow getup readily available. Get the Dany look yourself with subtle, natural makeup, focusing on long lashes and rosy lips and cheeks.


Mermaid Makeup Halloween Costume 2017

With glitter looks reigning at the hottest music festivals of the year thus far, we can quite safely say that this Halloween will be very sparkly. Although we’re sure unicorns, fairies and aliens are sure to come out to play as usual, all complete with truckloads of glitter, mermaids are set to stand out from the crowd.

Use a pair of fishnets to create a scaly look on the face and body, brushing or painting on the colour of your choice whilst using the stockings to mark out the pattern. We love doing this with neon yet seaworthy hues–think blue, purple fluoro yellow, and green. Top it off with a bold lip, throw on your shell bra and you’re ready to take on Halloween.


Moana Disney princess Halloween costume 2017

Released in November of last year, Disney fans just missed the cut-off to dress up as Moana for Halloween 2016. The Hawaiian princess is definitely a hit amongst the kids this year, however her bravery and badassery has also made her quite the (albeit cartoon) role model for adult women. Go as Moana to all your Halloween parties this year, embracing her beachy vibe, and we guarantee you’ll be a hit.

Tousle your hair with a curler, separating out the ringlets into loose waves with your fingers. Pop some curl defining cream or spray on your locks to give them that sea breeze-swept look. Moana seems to be wearing subtle, earthy-toned makeup, so play up your eyes with browns and ochres. A little nude lipstick (don’t forget to draw over your cupid’s bow!) and you’ll capture the same laid back essence this beloved princess exhibits in the movie.

A Snapchat Filter

Snapchat deer filter Halloween costume 2017 Desigual

The butterfly Snapchat filter did the rounds last Halloween, so we can safely assume we’ll spot a few similarly selfie-ready looks again this year. The only question is which ones everyone will opt for! We’ve got our money on the deer filter, complete with ears and spotted cheeks.

Replicate this adorable look by dotting white paint or a pale foundation on your cheeks, creating cute speckles similar to on a deer’s face. Pop on some extra-fluttery fake lashes for that doe-eyed look, or use liner to give the illusion of these as above. Top it all off with some deer ears and you’ve got this fan-fave Snap filter in the bag.

What are you going as this Halloween? Let us know over on Facebook or Twitter! Plus, don’t forget to keep an eye out for exciting Halloween deals, exclusives and more throughout October!



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