The award goes to ……

This week I was walking through Fortitude Valley, one of Brisbane’s more hip and trendy suburbs, when I passed a hair salon that had filled its whole window with new signage. “Well done to Steph who came second in the hairdresser of the year campaign”.  My first thought was to wonder who came first? Was there a salon with window signage saying well done John for winning first place and beating Steph who only came second in the hairdresser of the year award?  Only a hundred meters up the road another salon again had its claim to fame in the window, it too was claiming it had come second in a hairdressing competition. I had that sinking feeling that Sydney must be full of first place hairdressers and once again poor old Brisbane is second best...

I didn’t have to walk far to find the golden prize though. A salon with not one but five first place awards in yet another hairdressing competition. How many competitions are there? I had looked at three salons and already come across two second place and five first place winners.  Now I am a competitive person but I never knew there was a hair olympics going on! There might even be hair world records I thought.

I am sure all these salons and stylists are all very talented but I just want a little off the top and sides when I get my hair done. How do I pick a hairdresser from the hair competition images? Most of them have fringes half way down there faces.

Maybe the daily cut and blow wave is too boring for the creative talent of Australia’s best hairdressers and they use these events to break out from Mrs Jones’ full head of foils and some long layers to create the harbor bridge of hairstyles with its all over paint job and intricate frame work. What puzzles me still, is when I am picking a hairdresser how are these hairdressing awards relevant to the haircut I want when I book in for my four week tidy up? Do I need to know they can cut one side longer than the other?

I kept walking and came to a hair salon with another sign in the window. It said “Best haircuts in town!”. Great I’ll have a little off the sides and top then please, by the way have you ever come second in a hair competition?

Hooked on Hair

Hooked on Hair

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