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Unleash the wonders of ancient civilizations to nourish, strengthen, control and protect.
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Belinda Ingram

Lightweight, non-greasy softness

When I first received the Matrix Oil Wonders products I was a bit dubious. I have fine, oily hair and generally find oil based products leave my hair heavy and greasy. I was pleasantly surprised that both products left my hair soft and manageable, with nice volume.

Egyptian Hibiscus Colour Caring Oil

The directions left me wondering what I was supposed to do! So I ended up spraying a few pumps onto towel dried hair. I didn’t need to use much and it immediately smoothed my hair. I usually leave my hair to air dry. It’s naturally wavy/curly and with a few finger twirls and scrunches it falls into a nice wave on its own. I found it scrunched up nicely after using this product. I was very impressed with the natural volume my hair had afterwards. The usual leave-in conditioners often weigh my hair down but without any product my hair is frizzy. This controlled the frizz but kept the volume and made my hair shiny and soft, and it smells great too! I wouldn’t recommend it as a heat styling product on its own though as it lacks that extra heat protection.

Flash Blow Dry Oil

This promises to reduce blow drying time and enhance shine and suppleness. I didn’t find it reduced blow drying time, however I have fine hair that dries quickly normally. It’s a great finishing spray though. After towel drying I pumped a few sprays into my hands and then smoothed over my mid lengths and ends. It tamed the frizzies nicely. I then ran the GHD over the front sections of my hair to give more definition and the end result was a smooth curl that held its shape nicely for the rest of the day.

Overall I like both products and am very impressed with their lightweight feel. Even a day or two after washing they don’t build-up or make hair greasy. They leave hair soft and smooth, they smell nice and you don’t need to use much of either product so that’s good value. Would I recommend these products – Definitely!

Note: Picture 1 & 2 = Naturally air dried hair using Hibiscus Oil. Picture 3 shows my hair curled at the front with flat iron using Flash Blow Dry Oil.

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Ariane Bowie

I have been using the Matrix Oil Wonders Strengthening Oil and Shaping Cream for about 3 weeks now. Let me describe my hair before I started. I have fine hair, but a lot of it, it gets knotty, and lacks volume and shine. It tends to get oily at the roots quickly and needs washing at least every second day. I used the strengthening oil in 2 ways. First I applied 2 pumps and massaged it into my hair before shampooing. I let it stay on about 5 minutes before I hopped in the shower. Then I applied 2 drops to my conditioner and massaged it in and let it soak in for a few minutes. Instantly my hair felt so much more moisturised, softer and silky, just from massaging it in with my hands. I also combed it through while I was in the shower. When I rinsed the conditioner out, my hair felt much softer and silkier, but not heavy , like a lot of oils feel like in my hair. Then when I was ready to blowdry, I applied 2 pumps of the shaping cream and applied this to my hair. The shaping cream was light and lovely and gave my hair both volume and shine, it was not sticky at all. My hair is so shiny now, much softer. full of volume. It is not lank, dull or flat. I really do love these products and they will be a permanent addition to my hair products.



Jenny Swift

My first impression of the Matrix Oil Wonders Shaping Oil Cream and Egyptian Hibiscus Oil was that I absolutely loved the packaging, very modern and stylish. The ‘swirl’ inside the Shaping Oil looks amazing!

I first used the Egyptian Hibiscus Oil and the scent was extremely unique and quite pleasant, it was also long-lasting. The oil left my hair instantly feeling soft and looked incredibly shiny, plus minimized the fly-aways. It definitely improved the look and feel of my hair, very nourishing and helped lock in moisture.

Matrix Shaping Oil Cream was different to any other product I’ve used in the past. I think that the fact it has Moroccan Oil mixed in with the cream makes it very innovative and is an excellent addition to a styling product. Loved that it didn’t build up too much and left my hair with movement, yet still held the style perfectly throughout the entire day. Was excellent at helping keep my hair straight once I’d heat-straightened it and also made changing my stubborn middle part to a side part a breeze, it usually flops back to the middle but actually stayed in place with the help of the Shaping Oil Cream. It also added to the shine and left my hair feeling nourished, soft and moisturised.

With both products only a minimal amount was required each use, which makes them great value. My hair is awfully damaged due to excessive heat-styling, bleaching and continuously dying it – so was absolutely rapt to find that these products made a visible and noticeable difference to my hair, which has improved more and more each time I use the Matrix products. Overall I would definitely recommend both of these products without hesitation. Thank-you Ry and Matrix for the opportunity to participate in the trial and review.


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Lyn Joy Jenke

I was really excited to try the Matrix Oil Wonders as I had heard they had powerful nourishing and strengthening abilities. My hair was thinning and breaking off and I really wanted to put these products to the test. I put a small amount of the Egyptian Hibiscus Oil through my hair before I started blow drying and then used the Shaping Oil Cream after the blow dry and loved the outcome. It make my hair feel silky soft and after the first week of using it I noticed less breakage and less of my hair falling out.
I would definitely recommend these products and have already shared these products with some friends and they loved it too. Thank you RY for letting me try the Matrix Oil Wonders.


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