Why NEEK Skin Organics Should Be Your New Fave Natural Brand

Natural beauty products are on the up-and-up, although it seems like they’ve been at the forefront of our world for a few years now. With celebrities, professionals and bloggers all singing the praises of their favourite organic or ethical brands, we’re convinced that green beauty won’t ever come down from its high.

Why NEEK Skin Organics Should Be Your New Fave Natural Brand

Aussies are particularly into natural, organic and ethical products, evidenced by the whole heap of brands that have emerged onto the scene. From Sukin to KORA Organics, Simplicite and more, it seems our part of the world is dominating the botanical beauty game. Enter our new must-have plant-based brand, NEEK Skin Organics!

NEEK Skin Organics are a range of 100% vegan, cruelty-free and organic makeup and skincare products. With a curated range that includes three skincare must-haves for your day-to-day, in addition to luxe lipsticks in various shades, NEEK has definitely caught the attention of beauty addicts everywhere. Keep on reading to find out why NEEK Skin Organics are our new favourite natural brand.

The Story

NEEK Skin Organics natural vegan ethical makeup and skincare

The brand was developed by Angelique, an Australian entrepreneur who saw a gap in the market reflected by her own personal experiences with beauty products. Allergic to parabens, Angelique found it incredibly difficult to source skincare and makeup that didn’t cause a practically-immediate reaction from her skin. Sick of her face flaring up (and who wouldn’t be!), Angelique set out to create her own brand that was entirely chemical-free.

She soon discovered just how effective natural oils and extracts are for the skin, and spent hours delving through different ingredients, even trying them on her sisters to garner their reactions. That’s where NEEK’s ‘tested on sisters, not animals’ philosophy comes from — every single product in the range is entirely cruelty-free, and doesn’t use animal derived ingredients. Not only does this make NEEK Skin Organics perfect for the vegan babes out there, but it also ensures sensitive skins won’t flare up at traditional stressors like dairy derivatives.

NEEK Skin Organics Skincare

NEEK Skin Organics natural vegan cruelty-free skincare

NEEK Skin Organics currently offer three products in their skincare range, each of which is suitable for daily use by any skin type. As natural ingredients are often packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can work wonders for the complexion, NEEK skincare comes with a ton of benefits. Natural oils regulate oil production, ensuring the skin is fully balanced. They also help to encourage collagen production and lock in hydration, keeping your skin looking youthful for longer.

Start off your routine with the NEEK Skin Organics Miss Divine Face Cleanser. This gentle yet active formula harnesses the powers of key botanical ingredients, including horsetail, bladderwrack, rosemary, squalane and Kakadu plum. The Miss Divine Face Cleanser will assist with melting away makeup and dredging up any impurities from the pores, ensuring a deep, effective clean.

Rejuvenate and nourish the skin with the NEEK Skin Organics Wide Lovely Eyes Eye and Face Serum. Although a serum is optional, we’re one to wax lyrical about the benefits of adding one to your routine. Not only can they provide protective, essential antioxidants, but they also encourage a concentrated dose of whatever you’re trying to achieve. This one from NEEK is all about smoothing and plumping ageing skin, but is a must-have even if you’re in your 20s — it’s never too early! Jojoba and macadamia seed oils work to hydrate where Kakadu plum firms and Vitamin E protects. Pop it under the eyes, or all over the face for amazing results!

Last up is your moisturising step. Keeping the skin hydrated is ultra-important, even if you suffer from oiliness — remember that greasy skin types can be dehydrated, too! The NEEK Skin Organics These Days Active Face Moisturiser is the perfect formula for day or night, as it’s nourishing without ever feeling heavy. Coconut oil and aloe vera extract are present in this product, and work to smooth and calm skin in addition to hydrating. Hibiscus extract, a natural AHA, works to ensure effective skin cell turnover, which will assist with anti-ageing and blemish perfecting pursuits.

NEEK Skin Organics Makeup

NEEK Skin Organics cruelty-free vegan natural lipsticks makeup

In addition to their hot skincare products, NEEK Skin Organics are branching out to include lipsticks in their range. It’s a tough task to find entirely vegan, cruelty-free lippies, especially because a lot of popular formulas contain beeswax or lanolin to smooth and soften the lips. That doesn’t mean that a vegan product can’t have the same benefits, though, and NEEK lipsticks are a testament to that. Jojoba oil, avocado oil and shea butter are what make these lipsticks glide on with ease, whereas their pigments rely on colours derived from nature.

With a customer base that includes Bachelorette babe Sophie Monk, NEEK Skin Organics lipsticks are hot ticket items for a reason. They don’t compromise any of the quality or longevity of your average, chemical-laden lipstick, but are also entirely safe and don’t hurt your furry friends in the creation process.

NEEK Skin Organics natural vegan cruelty-free lipsticks Sophie Monk

Sophie Monk wears the NEEK Skin Organics Vegan Lipstick in Pash.

There are eight shades in the range, meaning you can truly tailor your lipstick to your every mood. Go for a pop of baby pink with the NEEK Skin Organics 100% Natural Vegan Lipstick in Sweet About Me, or add a little bubblegum pink into your life with the shades Shine On or Kiss Me Kiss Me. Sunsets is a beautiful, muted pink-nude.

Sophie Monk’s fave Pash is a pink with a nude undertone, and is a little on the deeper side. Come Into My World is a stunning, subtle coral, whereas Friday On My Mind is a deeper brown-pink shade. Finally, conjure up a 90s vibe with the purple-brown shade Mystify.

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