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When not to use KMS makeover spray

kms make over spray

Kms makeover spray is not a dry shampoo. Its fairly simple you still need to wash and condition and treat your lovely locks if you want them to look and smell fresh and clean. KMS is a make over spray. The good folks at kms came up with this product and its brilliant.Its ideal for touch ups and like all kms it comes with the  IOPS  Technology
( Inside Out Perfecting System).  This powerful nutrient delivery system allows the reconstructive and conditioning agents to penetrate deep into the hair.  The technology allows the powerful ingreidiants to work on the inside of your hair getting right down to the root of the problem( excuse the pun)Its a good idea to keep the makeover spray in your handbag for those little emegancy. Its grape and Peppermint will at the very least leave your hair smelling beautiful. Its also great if your roots are gettling a little to oily or you without thinking added to much styling product and you dont have time to do a full wash and blowdry and ghd straighten

what is IOPS?

IOPS = Inside Out Perfecting System
IOPS is a combination of:

Penetration Enhancer = Propylene Glycol and Ethanol

aActive Ingredients = Lactic Acid and Malic Acid
The Results of IOPS:

Reconstructs internal hair damage, smoothes and seals hair surface.  With your hair subject to environmental, mechanical or chemical stress firsty the cuticle layer is affected and then the internal structure.  Lastly with severe damage the inner core of the hair can be broken down.

With the IOPS technology the regenerating ingredients, Lactic and Malic Acid, penetrate deeply into the hair shaft and begin to expand, filling in all the gaps created by the damage. After IOPS the hair is regenerated from the deepest internal layers to the cuticle, leaving the hair smooth, strengthened and in healthier looking condition.

kms makeover spray
When to use KMS hairplay make over spray.
You have been at work all day and you want to quickly restyle you hair. The makeover spray will cleanse and grab onto any existing hair product in your hair leaving you free to reapply product and end up with your desired style.

When not to use KMS hairplay make over spray

You have just finished a 40km run and forgot to wash for the previous two weeks and you have a date with the man/woman of your dreams in 30 minutes. Nothing beats a good old two shampoo and condition. Use makeover spray to get you through to your next shampoo not instead of it.

Good luck

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