New at RY: Ghd Glide

ghd glide- Not your average straightening brush

The brand new ghd glide professional hot brush is finally on site and we are VERY excited. It’s no secret that ghd is an innovative brand capable of creating transformative hair-styling tools, which means we had very high hopes of this new release. We were lucky enough to have a play with the professional hot styling brush last week and our expectations were knocked out of the park. It is 100% as good as its claims. Watch our Instagram story where we try it on curly hair here. 

To be used on dry hair (works even better on second day hair), the hot brush smoothes and tames while simultaneously giving incredible volume. The ghd glide is infused with ions and works to banish frizz, leaving behind smooth, flawless hair that lasts day and night.

The best part? You can spend longer doing other important things in the morning, like sleeping, because this bad boy delivers perfect hair in just minutes!

  1. reasons you NEED the ghd glide
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    reasons you NEED the ghd glide

    • The combination of short and long bristles means it works on ALL hair types.
    • It has a consistent temperature of 185ºC , which ensures hair stays healthy through the heat styling process.
    • Made with ionising technology, it tames frizz for all day flawless locks.
    • Did we mention that it’s really quick and easy to use and that you can spend more of your morning sleeping and less of it styling your hair?
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