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Doctor Nadia Payot founded Payot with the understanding that “I took care of my body for many years. Then one day, I realized that I had to take care of my soul”. Nadia Payot is a beauty philosopher, who is always one step ahead in the current medical spa trend. She used her skills as a doctor to further the beauty and well-being of women and the balance of body and mind by creating high-tech biological products and application techniques.
The Payot institute has been renowned as a true beauty temple since 1927.

Payot Salons are havens of peace where every women is carefully treated before leaving with a sensation of well-being in their skin, body and mind. The treatments that are offered are revolutionary.

Dr Payot started developing anti-ageing products based on herbs, plants and minerals. Payot’s innovations in skincare science, which include creating Biotherapy, to opening the first beauty day spay in Europe, continue today with nine specific skincare programs combining the biological effectiveness of active ingredients with a unique set of physical actions, such as the hand movements a therapist performs in a spa facial.

Payot’s products are referred to by themselves as cosmeceuticals, Payot has managed to keep their items effective as beauty enhancing make-up that enables the ability to revitalise and nourish the skin. Payot’s product line features exfoliating shower gels, invigorating body lotions, energising sprays, lavender body creams, body oil sprays and bath oils, all of which remain true to Dr. Nadia Payot’s philosophy of revitalising the body along with the soul.

Payot doesn’t just mask the symptoms of dry, damaged skin, Payot paves the way to optimum skin health. Even with constant advancements in how Payot Paris manufacturers and refines their products, they are still able to keep each product hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.



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