2009 Mens Hair Trends

Men are now becoming aware of something that women have known for years – something as simple as changing the way that you wear the fringe on your hairstyle can totally revamp your overall look. Discover the mens hair trends for 2009.

Men’s fringes are gaining popularity with guys across the world and are the latest in the 2009 trends for men. When you see the versatility of  what something as simple as a fringe can do, you can start to understand why so many of the New Age Man are leaning this way.


In today’s appearance conscious world, males are very aware of how their face shapes look.

Men’s fringes actually work towards creating a slimming look which is incredibly appealing.

Some of the trendiest hairstyle’s for men are made that much more attractive when worn with men’s short fringes. Take the current rage of bed head hairstyles for example; men’s short fringe’s set this style off.

Another bonus to men’s fringes is that you can wear them in different ways. You can opt to brush them somewhat down yet slightly tussled, or if you prefer you can use some styling product to push your fringe up and away from your face – gone are the days of short back and sides.



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