The Best Hair Brush for Your Hair Type

Do you still brush your locks with the same old hair brush you’ve had since you were 10 years old? Don’t stress — you’d be surprised at how many girls (and guys!) make this mistake. If you’ve made the resolution to step up your haircare game in 2018, maybe it’s time to invest in the best hair brush for your unique, individual hair type.

The Best Hair Brush For Your Hair Type

Best Hair Brush for Your Hair Type Ariel Little Mermaid

Maybe don’t use a fork…just a suggestion.

From curly to pin straight, long to short and everything in between, your hair brush can really impact the way your locks look and feel on a daily basis. Keep reading to discover the very best hair brush for your hair type — we promise it’s a total game-changer.

Very Fine to Normal Hair

Best Hair Brush for Fine Hair Denman Boar Bristle Paddle Brush

The best hair brush: a boar bristle brush

A boar bristle brush may sound super fancy, but in reality, they’re quite common. Boar bristles are ideal for giving the hair body, smoothing out frizz and encouraging shine — think Marcia Brady brushing her hair a bazillion times every day, but without all the effort. They’re perfect for fine to normal hair types, as they’ll glide through these hair textures with ease. Make sure you keep in mind the shape of your brush when picking a new addition to your routine — go for a paddle brush if you’re simply smoothing out the hair, or instead try a round brush for styling.

Generally, pure boar bristle brushes aren’t the best at detangling, so if you’re always dealing with knots, you’ll want to opt for something different. Often, detangling combs are a great option, as they won’t snag your locks and cause breakage. Try something with fewer, wider teeth that will glide through those knots instead of getting stuck in them.

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Thick and Coarse Hair

Best Hair Brush for Thick Hair Mason Pearson Mixed Bristle

The best hair brush: a mixed bristle brush

If your hair is ultra-thick, you’ll need a mixed bristle brush to expertly detangle without encouraging frizziness. Featuring both ‘soft’ bristles (generally boar) and ‘hard’ bristles (made out of nylon), a brush like this will stimulate the scalp for shine and health whilst gently removing those pesky knots. This brush is the ideal day-to-day choice for those girls and guys with thick or coarse tresses.

Feel as if a mixed bristle brush just isn’t doing the job at detangling? Pick up a dedicated detangling brush, such as the WetBrush or the Tangle Teezer, for brushing out knots when the hair is wet or damp. Either of these celeb-approved choices will leave hair smoother and easier to brush through with the mixed bristle brush when dry. Pair with your mixed bristle brush and your haircare routine is bound to be a whole lot simpler.

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Curly or Natural Hair

Best Hair Brush for Curly Hair Denman Classic Styling Brush

The best hair brush: a nylon or wooden brush with precision

It’s urban legend that there’s no point in brushing your curls, when in fact, it’s completely possible — if you have the right brush in your arsenal. Although some may prefer to use a comb or their fingers, nylon or wooden brushes with thicker, more precise bristles are great at taming wild curls or natural/afro hair.

One of the most popular must-haves for curly hair is a Denman brush. This brand offers a wide range of professional haircare essentials, but customers keep gravitating towards their Classic Styling Brush. It’s been lauded as an excellent detangler that doesn’t pull the hair or cause much-dreaded static. Plus, it’ll give those curls some gorgeous definition, making it easier to just brush and go.

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Limp, Lifeless Hair

Best Hair Brush for Volume ghd Ceramic Vented Radial Brush

The best hair brush: a ceramic, vented radial brush

Always on the hunt for a little extra volume? The struggle is real, but switching up your brush is definitely a great way to turn things up a notch. A ceramic, vented radial brush will become your new BFF and blow dry companion, as it gives you total control of the hair from root to tip.

This kind of brush works best on medium-length to long hair, and should almost always be paired with heat from your favourite hair dryer (check out Parlux or ghd if you’re in need of a new one). Run the nozzle of your dryer close to the brush as you roll it down the hair from root to tip — the result is a frizz-free look with ultimate volume.

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