5 Braids You’ll Meet at Splendour in the Grass

Splendour weekend is right around the corner, so I’m sure you’re frantically prepping your outfits, makeup, and of course, your hair! We’ve predicted that this year’s biggest hair trend (as it has been for quite some time, now) will be braids. Seeing as they’re adored by the Kardashians, Jenners, Hailey Baldwin and many a beauty influencer, it’s no surprise that braids are having a very extended moment.

If you’re not sure which braided style is best, we’ve compiled a list of our absolute faves–you’re guaranteed to spot these ‘dos at least once or twice over your festy weekend. Whether they’re paired with a cute baker cap or just a few kilos worth of glitter, they’re all perfect for standing out in the crowd.

5 Braids You’ll Meet at Splendour in the Grass

1. The Boho Braid

Go with the flow and construct a relaxed braid or two in loose, wavy hair. Use your favourite iron to create some soft, beachy waves–we love the Cloud Nine Waving Wand–and then select pieces to plait or fishtail. Pull a few strands out if you’re going for a lived-in look. You can even make like this babe and twist braided sections into a loose knot or bun, giving your style even more dimension and life.

2. The Side-Swept Braid

Make like the gorgeous Priyanka Chopra and create a braid up one side of your head for a cool, rocker-chic look. Slick hair back using a smoothing treatment or spray like the Evo Lockdown Smoothing Treatment and then get to working on a small, intricate braid that pulls hair from the front. Tease hair a little for a messier look, and you’re good to go–if you’re a wild dancer, this style will keep hair semi-tamed while complementing your carefree festival outfit.

3. The Braided Space Bun

Space buns are a serious thing this festival season–we saw them everywhere at Coachella, on celebs, YouTube personalities and regular festival goers alike. This is perhaps because they’re super easy to dress up or down, Splendour-style. Keep it simple like our inspo above, or go full out with glitter, rings, diamantes, clips and more. If you’ve got long, thick hair, braid from the front into two small buns, then leave the rest of the hair loose and wavy. Use the Evo Mister Fantastic ties for seamless hair styling.

4. The Braided Updo

We’ve seen rings, delicate jewellery and other little trinkets infiltrate the hair world recently, and they look pretty darn cool–especially when they’re braided into a fun updo like this one. Start from the front of your head and work back as you would when creating two regular braids, and then loop around the head or tuck under at the bottom, depending on how long your hair is. It’s pretty much guaranteed hair will stay where you put it in this style, so rave as much as you like–this one’s festival-proof! Make sure you use an anti-frizz spray or serum to keep this look super sleek.

5. The Traditional Braids–With a Twist

You can never go wrong with two simple braids–they’re a Kimmy K favourite for a reason, after all! Not only are these braids easy to create, but they’re pretty simple to customise if you’re so inclined, too. We’re currently obsessed with the above from Spell Designs, who used a wraparound crown braid technique to spice up their model’s look. Just add glitter for the perfect festival hairstyle. The best part is, you won’t need to take them out, meaning your style is set on Day 1 and will last through ’til the very early hours of Monday morning!

If you’re going to create a few fun and funky styles for romping around Byron Parklands, let us know–what’s your go-to hair look?



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