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Blemish Free Skin

There is nothing worse than looking in the mirror, and seeing that forbidden red spot. From that moment on the objective is to rid it as fast as possible, but, even knowing where to start there is a tough one. Have you tried one zit cure after another? Does nothing seem to work? There are so many ‘remedies’ out there that we can’t be blamed for having at least 5 different potential cures under our sink.

A clear completion is something we all strive for. A simple and effective solution is often what is needed and something really needs to be said for those remedies that give results.

Payot Perfection.
At the top of the list is Payot Pate Grise. Those who have experienced its miracles will always have a tube on hand for emergencies. Thanks to its purifying active ingredients it’s great for targeting small impurities and helping them to disappear by bringing them quickly to maturity. It may not smell the greatest, and with its strange consistency, you won’t be winning any beauty pageants though out the night, but anything that works as well as this one is worth it ladies.

Dermalogica Does it.
The next pick of the zit zappers is the Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel. This one takes a slightly different approach, no green paste! Its active ingredient is Salicylic acid, combined with a whole lot of other blemish busters. All the insiders know that this one’s a keeper, layer it on before bed and the work is done during your beauty sleep. One word of advice, this might not be safe under the sink, if the boyfriends and husbands out there get there mitts on this, there might not be any left tomorrow!



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