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Everything you ever wanted to know about Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have split up, but our gorgeous lad will always have a girlfriend…his best selling perfume Girlfriend that is. Get one step closer to Justin and what turns him on – or at least what he wants the ladies in his life to smell like—when you wear Girlfriend by Justin Bieber, his light and lovely popular perfume.

Released in the summer of 2012, Girlfriend by Justin Bieber is the 2nd fragrance released by this pop singing sensation, and according to the teen heartthrob himself it was created as a more “mature” scent than his first perfume, Someday.

Developed with notes of Sparkling Pear, Crisp Mandarin, Rich Blackberry, Mara Strawberry, Pink Freesia, Star Jasmine, Apricot Nectar, Orange Blossom, Vanilla Orchid, and Luminous Musk, Girlfriend is designed to symbolize Chance, Dream, and Kiss – the magical moments in a relationship.

Packaged with a fun and functional protective spiral case, the top opens to reveal a heart shaped bottle beneath.

Perfuministas call this scent light, clean, and inviting. This is the ideal signature scent for flirty girls of any age with a passion for fragrance and burning Bieber fever.

Bradley Carr

Bradley Carr

Writer and expert