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Dermalogica Acne Treatment for Teenagers

One of the worst feelings as a teenager is having issues with your skin, breakouts and issues with acne. Even worse is spending money on products that promise a lot, but fail to deliver. The Dermalogica Clean Start kit is not one of these products. The kit contains all the products that a teenager would require in order to manage their skin, clear breakouts and expel acne from their skin on a daily basis.

Dermalogica Acne Treatment, Clean Start, is the first acne skincare system specifically targeting teens with acne. Clean Start is different from most Dermalogica products in that it is the only range aimed specifically at teenagers. Everyone has their first skincare issues during their teens, and Clean Start is there to help teenagers take on their acne and come out victorious with confidence from healthy, glowing skin.

Clean Start was developed by Dermalogica founder, Jane Wurwand, when her own daughters were going through their teenage years and their skin troubles. She realised that not only were there no products that gave teens the results they needed, but there was also a distinct lack of education for teens as to where their skin problems come from.

Clean Start was developed with teens in mind and a group of young adults were chosen to aid Dermalogica with the naming of the products, how they were labelled and packaged in regards what worked and what did not.

The kit contains a month’s supply of the five Clean Start products; Wash Off 50ml, All Over Clear 50ml, Ready Set Scrub 15ml, Bedtime for Breakouts 15ml and Welcome Matte SPF15 15ml. These five products all come in a handy snap-lock bag for easy travel.

The Clean Start kit is divided into three processes: Get Clean, Target Issues and Protect Skin:

The Clean Start kit, when used daily, helps teenagers keep their skin clear, clean and healthy, boosting their confidence by eliminating any inhibitions and self-consciousness they once held regarding the state of their skin.

Get Clean

Wash Off and All Over Clear provide the first stage of Clean Start. Healthy skin begins at cleansing and toning, and that’s exactly what these two products provide. Wash Off is a foaming cleanser which clears away dead skin cells, oils and build-up, providing a clean surface. This is then followed by All Over Clear, a refreshing mist, splashed over the skin to control shine and help prevent breakouts.

Target Issues

This is where the kit starts to rid the skin of the common triggers of skin breakouts (excess oils and dead skin cells), aiming to keep breakouts away for good. Ready, Set, Scrub is a masque and scrub combined, fighting breakouts and refining pores. The silica granules polish away any skin clogging cells. Bedtime for Breakouts is an overnight treatment; the salicylic acid helps to unclog impactions and prevent breakouts.

Also available, but not included in the Clean Start kit is Hit The Spot, a clear, concentrated spot treatment that blends into the skin. The Zinc Sulphate contained in the treatment helps to eliminate any bacteria that may be lingering on the skin.

Protect Skin

The Welcome Matte SPF 15 is a lightweight lotion which brings smooth, protected and hydrated skin without a greasy after-feel or clogged pores. With this lotion, teenagers can say goodbye to shine and keep their skin clear without drying it up.

There are two products from the Clean Start range and part of the Protect Skin process which do not come in the Clean Start kit. They are Brighten Up SPF15 and Smart Mouth Lip Shine. Brighten Up SPF15 is a natural tint and shimmer lotion, hydrating and brightening skin. Meanwhile, the Smart Mouth Lip Shine smooths and shines the lips, all while protecting them.


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James Patten

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