Festival Beauty Hacks for Your Splendour Weekend

Ugh, Splendour. Everyone’s heading off to gallivant in a field, watching their favourite artists perform live and wearing bangin’ clothes–to say I’m jealous is an understatement. It’s one of the most magical times of the year, and often features wild styles, your fave pair of gumboots and a ton of glitter that is sure to end up absolutely everywhere.

Splendour in the Grass 2017 kicks off on July 21, so to help you prep, we’ve put together a list of a few festival beauty hacks that’ll have you looking your best as you romp around Byron Parklands (hopefully jamming out to some HAIM–I have faith in your music tastes). From overt facial rhinestones to Rihanna-esque coloured contouring, this Splendour will confidently be the most out-there yet.

Festival Beauty Hacks for Your Splendour Weekend

1. Embrace third-day hair

Credit: @thegypsyshrine Instagram

We don’t know if this babe has washed her hair in a week, and frankly–we don’t really care. Braids are such an easy way to disguise any oiliness, so tuck your locks up into something fun and intricate that’ll see you through the whole festival. You can use space buns or mini ponytails to give the whole look a funky vibe, or braid your whole head so you look like a Kardashian. Up to you–the only required step is a little sprinkling of glitter or some fun gems.

To define braids, we love the Redken Braid Defining Lotion–simply smooth through hair to create added grip and keep braids or plaits looking sleek. These little adjustable hair grips from Evo are a mystery until you’ve actually used them on your hair, but once you’ve tried them out, you’ll be sold. Simply twist hair into place and secure, without all the drama of snagging your hair or trying to hide hair ties. Make sure you have a dry shampoo like the Evo Water Killer (available in a handy travel size!) on hand for root touch-ups.

2. Be glitter-savvy

Credit: Sophie Hannah Richardson

Okay, I’m aware that glitter is pretty massive this festy season. If Coachella is anything to go by, there’ll be more pink glitter strewn across the grass than…well, actual grass, by the time Splendour weekend is done. This doesn’t mean you can’t be a little more sensible with your glitter consumption, though. Seeing as you’ll most likely be sharing a bathroom or tent with half of Australia for the duration of Splendour, it’s probably a good idea to minimise your time spent applying while still maximising your on-trend look.

We’re obsessed with the Lit Cosmetics Mini-Me Lit Kits for practically every festival, from now ’til the end of time. In fact, I’m hereby declaring this little pack a festival must-have. Featuring a water-based adhesive, your fave glitter and a brush for application, you’ll cut down time when you’re trying to get your sparkle on–anything that means more time dancing or eating some of the ridiculous Splendour foods on offer is a win in my book. Apply to the high points of the cheeks as a full-on highlight, or dust on the eyes for a shimmery pop of colour.

3. Pack up your fave skincare

Who looks after their skin during festivals? If I wasn’t writing a blog right now and actually posing this question to a crowd of beauty addicts, I could assume that the turnout of hands would be meagre to say the least. We’re bound to neglect our skin when camping out in Byron for a music festival, and for good reason–there’s barely any time, nor space, to give skin a proper clean. Instead of relying on shoddy-quality makeup wipes, though, here are a few little babies you can pack up and take with you to maintain your skin.

The Skinstitut Starter Kit is my go-to for a long weekend away a la Splendour or your festival of choice. Featuring a cleanser, moisturiser, scrub and mist toner, it’s got everything that you’ll need conveniently housed in 50ml or 100ml bottles. Share with your tent-mates and get the most out of this handy pack, which comes complete with a travel bag ready to go! Make sure to check out our RY Travel Edit for more portable faves–after all, just because you’re not boarding a plane doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make the most of those minis!

4. Go for multipurpose products

Credit: @bybrookelle Instagram

The last thing you want to do during a festival is lug around half of your bathroom cabinet, although it seems like a lot of girls do just that. Our advice is to stick to products you can get lots of use out of and can be on-hand for whatever makeup look you want to create that day. Quality products that are eye-safe are usually your best bet–we love the whole range from Lime Crime for well-priced, Splendour-ready cosmetics. Pick up a few go-to shades in their Velvetines lipsticks and marvel at the fact that you can use them as liquid eyeliners too. Yep, we’re not lying (and I’m just as shocked and intrigued as you are).

The Lime Crime Venus Palette is also pretty ideal for Splendour or your next festival, as it features eight colours that can be used as warm-toned shadows, highlighters, blushes and more. If you’re just as obsessed with this look by Brookelle above as I am, you’ll wanna grab the stunning peachy-pink in this palette and use it as a fun contour!

5. Run wild, free and natural

Credit: @rocky_barnes Instagram

If you’re a hardcore fashionista who uses Splendour as your opportunity to showcase your uniqueness to the world, well…perhaps this tip isn’t for you. If you’re there for music and good vibes, and just happen to enjoy doing makeup, though, take our advice and go natural! Nothing looks more gorgeous than simple, glowy skin–picture a Victoria’s Secret model ‘without makeup’ and you’ll know where I’m going with this.

Pop on tinted moisturiser, a liquid highlight and your favourite mascara for that radiant, ‘no-makeup makeup’ look. Your skin will appear fresh, dewy and lit from within, as if you’ve just been having an amazing time raving about in the mud. Give your brows that unkempt, Cara Delevingne feel with a few quick swipes of a brow pencil like this one from Poni Cosmetics. Finally, make like this babe and chuck on a few rhinestones so you fit in with the crowds, and you’re ready for a day full of good vibes.

Tell us–are you off to Splendour in the Grass this year? What’s your go-to look, or perhaps your fave products to take with you for your long weekend away? Leave a comment and let us know!



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