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Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream
skin-smoothing-creamCan I be to be so bold to label this one the Rolls Royce of moisturisers? It is quiet simply fantastic. Recommended for the normal to dryer skin types it is jam packed full of super soothing, botanicals and antioxidant vitamins.
It is a medium to light weight cream that maintains skins moisture while improving texture, suppleness and tone. Pretty impressive to think what’s in this little bottle can do. Its fantastic that it is available in two sizes, and when you calculate how much you use each day, even the smaller tube is going to last you months.
Beautician’s Tip: If you’re more on the dryer side, mix in some Skin Hydration booster drops to your Skin Smoothing Cream before application for more hydration.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant
microfoliantThis one is very unique and in a league of this own. When most people hear the word exfoliation, they assume a grainy scratchy feeling. Not this one! The Daily Microfoliant is a powder formula that exfoliates dulling debris, and that leaves your skin noticeably smother and brighter. Rice Bran and rice based enzyme powder microfoliates the skin to assist the penetration of the brightening process. Salicylic acid help dissolve excess surface cells and other botanicals help to brighten and even up the skintone.
This product is such a catch, its gentle to use every day, it exfoliates surface debris to help stimulate cell renewal and balance uneven pigmentation for brighter, smoother and more even completion.
Beautician’s Tip: If you want to do more to assist the brightening of your skintone, then this is the perfect daytime companion to night time use of Daily Resurfacer.

Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster
solar-defense-boosterYou’ve all heard it – we live in a harsh climate and don’t use enough skin protection. Well im only going to support that claim – because its true!  In 2005 1,600 people died from skin cancer (non-melanoma and melanoma) that is a 41.9% increase from 1994. Last year saw over 400,000 cases of Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers.
With that considered, UV protection is essential, no questions asked. The clever pick of the bunch is the Solar Defence Booster SPF30. This sunscreen supplement is specifically formulated to add full spectrum sunscreen to your favourite moisturizer or make up; it can also be applied directly for maximum SPF30 protection. Active chemical sunscreens, botanicals and antioxidants make this one of those things that should always be in the beauty draw.
Beautician’s Tip: for very sensitive or sensitized skin, opt for the Ultra Sensitive Faceblock, this contains a physical rather than chemical sun blocker.



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