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Customer Review – ‘New Goodies for July’ by Sylvia Jastkowiak

July 2nd 2014

I was a very lucky beauty bee these last couple of weeks – primarily because I won $150 worth of store credit to spend at Recreate Yourself (RY)! How did I win? I bought a Parlux hairdryer for my boyfriend (his hairdryer was burning my hair, literally) since I have one at home and love it <3 My Parlux is about 7 years old but it’s still working like a dream 🙂 If you post your purchase on their Facebook page, you have the chance to win back what you spent and to ‘buy’ more goodies using store credit, which is exactly what I did 🙂 Every month they pick a new winner, so if you do place an order with them make sure to post your goodies on their Facebook page (as you will see below, it’s totally worth it!).

Now my order actually went ‘missing in action’ for a few weeks and I have to say that RY’s customer service was SUPER helpful 🙂 They kept me updated without me having to ask them to and my order turned up at my door 2 days after they had located it’s where abouts (I have a feeling my goodies travelled around Aus having a great time lol). Good customer service is so difficult to find these days especially since once in a while something is bound to go wrong (people make mistakes, computers make mistakes) but it’s how it’s dealt with which is important! And so I really have to give them some kuddos for actually being helpful and super nice in the whole process 🙂


First things first was Redken’s Blonde Idol Color Depositing Daily Treatment for cool or platinum blondes ($33.96). I’ve always used Redken’s toner treatments to remove any brassy tones from my blonde hair and because they work so well, I don’t bother trying anything else. I hate purple shampoos as I find them to be super harsh (detergents plus colour deposits leave my hair feeling and looking like straw) but purple toner treatments have not only colour depositing particles in them but also conditioning extracts which leave your hair looking healthier and brighter 🙂 This is their new daily treatment which has a dial – you set the dial depending on how much colour depositing you need (depending say, how long it has been since your last colour). They also have a version for warmer-golden toned blonde hair. Oh and I don’t use this treatment daily (though you can if the dial is set to the lowest setting/number), I use it once a week, maybe twice if I’m due for a colour at the hairdresser but haven’t had the time to go!

Blonde idol

Product no. 2 is Moroccanoil’s Light Oil Treatment ($49.50). I don’t think I need to go into what this hair oil is, as I’m sure we all know! The light version is great for platinum/light coloured hair as it won’t darken your colour over time. It also has a lighter texture so it won’t weigh down super fine hair (like mine) so major tick there! It still smooths, hydrates and adds shine to your locks just as the original version does 🙂 my mum also uses this product, so she was super happy that we are now stocked up!

moroccan oil

Next up we have the Denman Large Styling Brush ($19.75). I’ve wanted one of these ever since I read Zoe Foster’s book About Face. She says that the large plastic bristles are perfect for letting air pass through, giving you mega volume when styling. I’m terrible when it comes to hair styling, but I really want to get the hang of using this brush when drying my hair (she recommends you use the brush to pull the hair in the opposite direction you want it to fall when styled, or the opposite way of how it naturally falls, that way you get way more bounce). Oh and here’s a fun fact – Denmen have been making hair brushes since 1938! That’s pretty cool!


Speaking of hair tools, I also bought a pack of 4 x 20mm rollers from Cloud Nine ($29.00) to use with the O (it’s like a pod which heats up your rollers SUPER quickly). Since I’m awful at styling my own hair, the O makes my hair look like I have had a professional blow dry, which I appreciate very much 😛 I have lots of rollers so far (I bought the pod along with a bunch of rollers in a ‘pack’) but I wanted a full set of the smaller 20mm rollers so I could achieve more curly locks. I should now have enough to cover my head with just 20mm rollers 🙂 the O is expensive (as are the additional rollers I must admit) but I’ve had mine for about 3 years now and I still love it. I don’t use it on a daily basis – more for special events/occasions.

theo rollers

Another product I wanted to try thanks to the evil genius Zoe Foster is L’Oreal Professional’s Tecni Art Volume Lift ($20). This is mousse in a can which you can spray directly onto your roots. It has a ‘rating’ of 3 out of 6 when it comes to volume and hold. I’m not quite sure what it means, but I gather it won’t leave my hair looking like a stiff helmet lol

loreal spray mousse

And last but not least I have the Theorie Argan Oil Ultimate Repair Hair Mask ($24.95). The ingredient list just sounds delicious – argan oil, grapeseed oil, silk proteins, omega 6 and vitamin E. The ingredient list is quite short actually, so you know exactly what it contains (and what it doesn’t contain – no parabens, sodium sulfates and phosphate amongst other things). The mask smells divine so I can’t wait to try it! I’m actually very tempted to try their shampoo and conditioner as I feel like my hair could use some super gentle but quality ingredients to work their magic on my lack luster hair.


I think I had to pay an additional $20 for all of these products as the total came to $170 something while I had $150 in store credit to spend. Not to shabby for $20 huh? 😛 Let’s hope that this is a sign that July has many great surprises in store for us beauty bees as June was a tough one for me!


I keep all of my beauty bee’s informed of great competitions running on Facebook, so if you want to stay updated and continue the fun, like me on Facebook 🙂 I’ll let you know how I am liking these products in a couple of weeks. Is their any hair care product you’ve been loving lately? I’d love to know!

Until next time beauties!

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