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Bust Blackheads With This Facial Cleansing Brush

If you’re prone to acne, breakouts or blackheads, it might be time to employ something that works a little better than just your average cleanser and hands combo. That’s where the facial cleansing brush comes in–these nifty little devices are 2017’s answer to alleviating your spots and lifting all of that pesky dirt and debris from your pores. If a clearer complexion is on the top of your to-do list, it’s time to add one of these into your skincare routine.

Bust Blackheads With This Facial Cleansing Brush

The Magnitone London BareFaced Daily Cleansing Brush is bound to be your new BFF after just one use. It’s the key to healthy, clear skin that simply glows, and all in just 30 seconds. Yep, that’s right–30 seconds a day is all you need to discover the benefits of this expert facial cleansing brush.

So, what makes Magnitone better than the rest? With unique VibraSonic technology, the brushes in this range can cleanse and massage the skin 6 times more effectively than your hands can, meaning that you’re really going to get the deep clean you desire. They’ve been found to help smooth the skin, prevent against breakouts and also help ward off ageing signs by increasing skin cell turnover.

Who Should Use It

The Magnitone London BareFaced Daily Cleansing Brush is a go-to for practically anyone who’s looking to improve the clarity, tone or texture of their skin. For young guns trying to fend off breakouts for good, it’s ideal, as it will dredge the pores and release any built-up sebum, oil or dirt. This will lead to less irritation and prevent against whiteheads and blackheads. Rest easy with the knowledge that this facial cleansing brush will keep those pimples at bay!

For those past the spotty stage, never fear–you can still make excellent use of any Magnitone London facial cleansing brush. If you’re concerned about visible ageing signs, using the BareFaced Daily Cleansing Brush will help to buff away dead skin for a quicker cell turnover. This means fresher, more radiant skin is able to appear overnight, helping to prevent against fine lines and wrinkles. Use with your favourite age-defying cleanser and you’ll be able to maintain your youthful glow for longer.

Dry skins will also adore the BareFaced facial cleansing brush, as using it regularly can help with the skin’s moisture retention. Use a hydrating cleanser with your Magnitone facial cleansing brush to reveal healthier, more flawless skin, and then apply any desired serums or moisturisers for a boost of hydration.

When and How to Use

Magnitone London BareFaced Daily Cleansing Brush how to

You can use your Magnitone day, night or even both for a deeply cleansing, massaging effect on the skin. Totally waterproof, it only makes sense to pop your Magnitone facial cleansing brush in the shower with you. Pro tip: there’s even a shower attachment to make scrubbing away those impurities even easier.

The BareFaced Daily Cleansing Brush has a 20-second pulse reminder that will guide you to move onto the next part of the face, ensuring you don’t overdo it or spend any longer than necessary buffing away at the skin. Pair these features with a wireless USB charger and it’s easier than ever to maintain skin health wherever you go. Take your BareFaced facial cleansing brush to the gym, on holidays, or simply use it to take off the day during your evening shower.

More on Magnitone London

The BareFaced Daily Cleansing Brush is definitely a Magnitone London fave, with multiple awards under its belt and the praise of many a beauty blogger and expert. However, there’s also a few more options in the range that could be suited to your needs more so than this one!

For the guys who love looking after their skin, there’s the Clean Sweep Skin Brush, designed specifically for men. It works around beards and stubble, detangling and preventing against ingrown hairs. No need to worry about shaving your beard just to get a clean exfoliation, as this brush will work between these fibres to reach the skin and effectively cleanse and bring out impurities.

Another amazing way to make the most of your Magnitone facial cleansing brush is to customise it! Pick out a brush head that suits your skin type and concerns for a totally tailored experience. Sensitive skins will love the Soft and Sensitive Replacement Brush Head, whereas dry gals and guys will get a lot out of opting for the ultra-stimulating Silk Bliss Replacement Brush Heads.

Shop the Magnitone London range today with RY and experience the difference a facial cleansing brush can make to your daily routine.



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