Men’s Skincare Routine with Biologi

Men, did you know that Biologi have got your skincare concerns covered with their 100% active, unisex, and clean plant products? While men’s skin may be up to 25% thicker than women’s, it deserves just as much care and attention to function at its best.

Read on to learn how to prep and care for your skin with our easy and simple regime using Biologi serums!


Shaving…It’s all in the preparation

Before you shave, start with cleansing your skin. Why, you ask?  Because it helps with softening your beard hair which allows for a closer shave with less irritation. How? Simply use a couple of pumps of Biologi Bc Refresh Cleanser onto damp skin, gently massage, leave on for a couple of minutes and then thoroughly rinse off.

Biologi recommends cleansing whilst in the shower before you shave as the warmth of the shower and the cleanser helps to prep, soften, and prepare for an optimal shave.


Back to basics…. How to shave the Biologi way

  1. Apply a couple of pumps of Bc Refresh cleanser onto your damp skin and gently massage onto the beard.
  2. Using even strokes, blade in the direction of the hair growth.
  3. Rinse the razor well in between strokes.
  4. Rinse skin well with tepid (not hot) water.
  5. Pat skin dry and apply 1 pump of Bf Restore Face & Body Serum to maintain skin hydration, protection and to avoid any shaving irritation.
  6. Avoid putting your aftershave fragrance on your face, as it can irritate and sensitise your skin, try applying on your body or spray over clothes.

Biologi recommends shaving in the direction of the beard growth to avoid razor irritation, rash, redness, and ingrown hairs.

Why it’s time to make the switch to Biologi 

  1. There is no artificial scent. Why? Because Biologi products do not contain any artificial fragrance whatsoever. Biologi serums only contain 100% actives from plants and 0.2% sodium benzoate and nothing else. Any scent is purely from the plant actives themselves.
  2. Biologi’s packaging has a simple and unisex appeal. Why? They focus on what is inside the bottle, not the outside. Their serums are delivered in airless packaging and every pump is a measured dose for no waste, and ease of use.
  3. Biologi is easy to use, effective and provides your skin with everything it needs which makes it perfect for the man on the go.

Two easy steps to better skin with Biologi


  1. Clean skin with Bc Refresh Cleaner.  This serum cleanser cleans the skin effectively, has no fragrance and is perfect to use with or without shaving.
  2. Apply Bf Restore Face & Body Serum every morning, particularly after shaving to hydrate, protect and soothe.  Then follow with a SPF.


  1. At night, introduce some extra care if needed by applying the Br Rosehip Oil, or Bd Luminosity Serum if you are oilier or are breakout prone.
  2. To combat fine lines around the eyes, try the Bk Vitamin C Face & Eye Serum to support and fight the signs of ageing.

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