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Alpha-H is the preferred product range of thousands of professional therapists world-wide. The products genuinely work and you can always trust in their performance. Alpha-H is an extensive cosmeceutical range that supports all skin types and conditions, from refining and resurfacing to soothing and restorative, Alpha-H is tailored to your unique needs.

Alpha-H is a distinctively Austrlian brand and one of the first to develop glycolic cosmeceutical skin care. Glycolic Acid in combination with Vitamins A, C and E and other naturally harvested ingredients assist in treating a variety of skin concerns including lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and acne.

Achieve the results you’ve always wanted with Alpha-H.
Cleansing the skin is the first step to an effective skincare regime. Alpha-H has a cleansing range designed to protect the skins barrier function and respect the delicate balance through combining soothing botanical extracts and thorough skin cleansing sources for fresh, clean balanced skin.

Alpha-H has two different cleansers for various skin types. The Balancing Cleanser is gentle; this creamy cleanser softly hydrates whilst cleansing the skin without drying or making the skin feel taut. It removes all traces of face makeup while balancing the skin; Balancing Cleanser can be used by all skin types.
The triple action cleanser is suitable for more normal, oily or combination skin. Their unique light non-foaming gel formula helps impede the spread of bacteria on the skins surface.

microcleanse_webExfoliation removes dead cells from the skins surface. Regular exfoliation increases the skins capacity to absorb moisture, reduce fine lines and help with acne. Glycolic Acid is proven to be a gentle ingredient, which effectively dissolves the bond that binds dead skin cells together. Alpha-H Micro Cleanse if the most popular exfoliant, it is a granulated 12% Glycolic formula to help dislodge dead skin cells and oil from clogged pores

Alpha-H specialized solutions help refine, restore, repair and rejuvenate your complexion transforming dull, tired lifeless skin into smooth, soft radiant skin. Liquid Gold is Alpha-H’s best known product. It is a powerful resurfacing and firming lotion that tightens enlarged pores delivering a lighter, clearer and more even Skintone
Alpha-H’s moisturising products boost collagen production, restore moisture to the skin while refining and firming. Long-established products combined with Glycolic Extract bestow skin with visible, lasting results.

When skin lacks moisture it becomes dull with uneven texture with fine, dry surface skin lines.  Alpha-H has formulated products with active ingredients to provide long lasting hydration to help restore moisture, smoothness and luminosity. Alpha-H Harmony Infusion provides instant relief to dry, thirsty skin. This botanical mist leaves skin smooth, plump and hydrated and can be used on all skin types. The ALPHA 75 Eye Perfector Power Patch helps reduce fine lines and crow’s feet by 75% in just 20 minutes.



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