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Model Co Cheek Lip Tint Rosy Red

I have tried and tested a few cheap brands of tint that I have not been happy with and when I saw what other females have said about this Model Co product I had to give it a go.

This Model Co tint has girly pink and silver packaging and it is small enough to fit in your handbag or even your wallet!

I have used Model Co Tan Airbush in a Can for many years now and I also love the Fibre lash so although I was excited to try it, I also had high expectations for this product.

Model Co describes this product as a ‘light-weight dual purpose tint for cheeks and lips suitable for any skin tone and long lasting.’

You can pat on or rub in the tint using your fingertips. I find that if you don’t rub it in straight away it can be a bit uneven but I usually just fix it by putting it a little bit more on which gives you a deeper colour anyway. I also use lip gloss on top  which makes my lips looks fuller!

The only thing I do not like about the product is that it is quite expensive ($30-$34) for how small it is (10ml). In saying that, it has lasted me a few months so far.

Compared to cheaper brands I have tried, this is 10 times better, so well worth my money in the end. Other brands tend to dry out my lips and make them crack, however I have not experienced these issues with Model Co.

There is nothing prettier than the natural rosy glow on a girl’s cheeks! I am keen to try Benefit’s Benetint,l however I would definitely buy this product again down the track!



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