North Korea Hair Cut Style Guide

When I was cutting hair in the salon, the most important part of the service was the consultation. I would spend  time getting to know my clients wants and needs. It is not uncommon to spend 20 minutes discussing a new style or a side fringe. Clients would often bring in photos of a style they wanted or we would use the ipads and salon magazines to make sure the client got exactly what they wanted. The possibilities were endless and exciting.
















Now it seems like things are a little simpler in North Korea. The state has approved just 18 styles to choose from. Shhh don’t ask for a full head of foils.Don’t worry, if your married you have and extra 10 styles to choose from. The Korean authorities have kindly created a picture board to help you sail through the consultation in a matter of minutes and get on with talking about your holiday or what you are doing at the weekend. Except I am not sure you’re allowed to take a holiday in North Korea or if there would be much to do on a weekend.

People have speculated on why North Korea would enforce such strict rules on hairstyles. I am not going to try and rationalise a policy from a country that sends people to prison camps and still holds public executions. I’m guessing fashion forward fringes will be way down on the list for amnesty international’s list of problems in North Korea.

If you’re a guy forget asking for a Harry Styles .  Men’s hair must not be more than 5 cm long and you must book yourself for a tidy up at least every 15 days. That is  a very good thing for salon owners as they can guarantee a steady stream of customers every couple of weeks. As you reach your twilight years you can let it all hang out and have a hair do an outrageous 7cm long.

men in north korea















Now this is not a political blog and I don’t profess to be an expert on international affairs but it has prompted me to think about the freedom of choice we are allowed living in Australia. Some say it’s a privilege. Some say it’s a basic human right.  Next time you book in for a just a trim or a regrowth tint you may want to take advantage of the freedom you have to try something creative with your own hair and be proud of the choice you made, because you made that choice your self.

To celebrate this Freedom please post an image of the best, craziest, sexiest hair style you have ever had in the comments to win  a Whal Hair dryer.


James Patten

James Patten

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