Lady Gaga and Elton John Grammy Duet

Pop goddess Lady Gaga might have had her gender questioned but she definitely showed her feminine side when she allegedly  broke down in tears before going onstage at the Grammy Awards as she was overwhelmed with the thought of performing with music legend Elton John.

Rumors have been rife for weeks that the two would be pairing for a duet at the 57th Grammy awards in America this month. According to reports the singer of  the ht Poker Face was so excited about performing a duet with Elton at Sunday’s ceremony that she was forced to make an emergency visit to her make-up artist shortly before she was due one stage!

“I ruined all my make up right before the show crying, Elton was so amazing and the performance was truly magical. I had been fascinating about this performance piece for a while and we got to do it…and im just really truly floored” said Gaga.

Lady Gaga and Elton John proved themselves to be the weirdest stars in showbiz after their performance by smearing themselves in dirt for their duet.

The 23-year-old singer picked up two awards at the event – Best Electronic/Dance Album for ‘The Fame’ and Best Electronica/Dance Song for ‘Poker Face’ – and dedicated her wins to her legion of fans. “This is not an award for me, it’s for my fans. And I love my fans so much,” the singer said.

Nice performance guys… but you could have washed your faces first.   The bonkers Poker Face star tottered on stage in 6ins stilettos and a £275,000 crystal studded leotard



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