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To Tan or Not to Tan ?

elle_macpherson_699014jI don’t think anyone will now deny that UV radiation and sun tanning are a major cause of skin cancer in Australia and the rest of the world. look at some ways to protect your skin using products, and some more ways to give you that beach look with out the leather handbag skin effect later on in life.

Dermalogica Daylight Defense is a range designed as a customised protective SPF that also includes skin benefits. solar defence Booster spf 30 is a sunscreen booster that will turn any make up into an 30 SPF sunscreen. Simply mix equal parts with your foundation or moisturizer and apply directly to your skin. It’s the multitasker of makeup products.

If you want your cake and want to eat it. Try a fake tan or bronzer Invisble zinc jet set tan is the latest in a line of sun protection endorsed by super model Elle Mcpherson and Meagan Gale. The difference between this and other fake tans on the market include the high level of Quality ingredients in the cream. The result being a more natural tan that won’t stain your clothes and develops in a few hours.

1e46c214da5c957820b029247db3ed45image166x260A good option for men is ultraceuticals protective daily moisturiser spf30+. This product gives ultimate protection and it’s easy not to forget your sunscreen when its built into your moisturiser.

Always the best protection from the sun will be a hat or even better a roof. But a life lived indoors is not a life lived, especially in our climate.

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