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GHD Mk4 – what size is for me?

I am often asked what size GHD straightener is best for what my hair? I have been in the hairdressing industry over 8 years and I have found that its very much horses for courses. I once was the head stylist for a large Italian fashion label and all the models had very short fringes. The GHD Mini 15mm was the hair straightener of choice here. It allows greater maneuverability and is very easy to use around the hair line and also expert at styling men’s textured styles, allowing the stylist to get close to the root without burning the scalp.

GHD MK4 24mm
The best selling GHD straightener is the mk4 24mm styler. It’s the most used straightener in our salon and can be used to create any style. The common misconception with the GHD is that it’s simply a straightener. It’s not its oh so much more than that. Included in every box is the GHD how to DVD, this is a very useful information DVD on how to get the best of your GHD straightener. This GHD can be used on thick hair, thin hair, long hair, short hair, there isn’t really a hair style out there that the GHD can’t help you to create. Lots of confusion also surrounds the model number GHD 4.2b. This model number to some extent should be looked at closely the 4.2b is the latest update to the mk4 styler which is currently the latest GHD on the market.

The GHD mk4 40mm salon styler
The GHD mk4 40mm or as is some times known the GHD wide plate styler is a great addition to any GHD collection. The wider 40mm ceramic plates allow faster straightening times for those of us with extra thick hair. The wider plates are also excellent at creating larger curls that can then be dressed into light waves in the hair. Always use a thermal protect product when using any heat tool on your hair. The ghd has technology built into it so you won’t need to change the temperature on any of the models. It senses the thickness of your hair and changes the temperature accordingly (very smart). This will make sure  it doesn’t cause any unnecessary damage to the hair. All straightners are not created equal. They may look the same from the outside but trust me these little babys have stuff going on the inside that other hair Irons could only dream about. Remember the number one rule when selecting a GHD is not” what size ghd should I buy?” but “Where should I buy it?” Unfortunately with every brilliant product there will always be copy cats or fakes. Check that you are buying from an Australian hair salon and that the product comes with the standard two year warranty. If your styler was to go wrong  GHD have a hassle free return policy and they will repair or replace your ghd straightener in no time at all.
In the last 50 years of hairdressing I don’t think a single  product has changed the hairdressing industry as much as the GHD has. There is no replacement for skill but the ghd has allowed stylist to go to another level.

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