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How to Create the Perfect Bun

Buns are the perfect hairstyle for the lazy girl. Two or three day hair not working like you want it to? Easy. Bun it. If you are struggling to find that perfect balance between neat and not wanting to look like you tried, or if your hair is really fine and won’t necessarily stay in an up-do, I’ve got the perfect thing for you.

It’s the Hair Donut. It’s been around awhile making waves, but how do you use it?

If this look is a bit intense for you…

hair donut


…that’s okay you’re not alone.

But I do have some tips on making your bun look full and gorgeous without the effort.

Step 1

Hair donut 1Put your hair into a pony tail, the higher the better. Second or third day hair works best (or 6th if you’re a once-a-week washer like me), as it has a bit more grit and texture. If you want to try straight after washing I suggest a Sea Salt Spray or some Dry Shampoo to add a bit more oomph. You can have your pony low for a more a sleek look, but I’m a fan of the perched on the top of the head look. (See Right). Make sure to have all your hair pulled away from your face, unless you’re rocking bangs. At this stage the more firm the pony, the better. We’ll loosen it out later.

Step 2

Grab your hair donut. (We love the Solida Hair Donut Medium Brown). Slide the donut over your pony tail so it sits at the base of your head.

Step 3

Take the rest of the pony tail and cover the bun completely with your hair. Make sure to move the hair around so none of the donut is sticking out. If your hair is short you may have to pin it to the base, otherwise if it’s long enough, wrap the ends of your hair around the bun. It will naturally tuck in under the bun, completing the look. Pin down with some bobby pins.

hair donut katy

If you want your bun looking Katy Perry-esq then you can stop here. But the next step makes it for me.

Step 4

Gently pull at some of the hair at the front to loosen it. Don’t completely pull it out from the bun, just tousle it enough that you get some nice fly-aways and a bit of a messier look. Doing this also helps to relieve some of the scalp tension. Wearing a tight bun all day is enough to give me a headache.

And voilà. There you have the perfect messy bun.

Next time you’re too lazy to wash your hair or style it fully, try the Lazy Girl bun. Only 5 minutes to do and people will think you spent hours.

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